Sendcloud carrier module cannot be installed

  • Hi,

    I try to implement Sendcloud into my webshop, but i get the following error when trying to upload this module(prestashop).

    There was an error while extracting the module. The destination folder is not writable.

    It should be great if i could implement it, any ideas what to do?

    This is the link to addon store, its a free module which works on prestashop very well:

  • Global Moderator

    You obviously want to make this folder writable. It’s modules/, it should have read, write and execute privileges for the webserver process.

    Perhaps the easiest way to find out is to compare ownership and privileges with folder log/. If there are files starting with a number inside log/, log/ has the privileges modules/ should have, too.

  • administrators

    [technical blabla]
    Yes, that and the PHP’s umask might be too strict. Even if the chmod 777 is used, I see some instances still apply 755. This is taken into account with 1.0.2, where the umask is temporarily being overridden.
    [/technical blabla]

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