Last few items ....

  • Hello again everyone - I have spent the weekend reading and attempting to find the answers to a last 2 remaining issues I have before deploying my cart. If any of you would or could help, I would be ever so grateful… and in your debt.

    Here they are in order of priority for me:

    1. “Continue shopping” button - when pressed, it simply goes back to the page where the item was added to cart. Is there anyway to redirect this so that Home is the default page of this action?

    2. Company Logo - I was hoping to link this logo back to my primary domain. (Shopping cart and store are under sub-domain)

    Again, thank you in advance to any and all that can lend thought.


    1. You would have to edit that in the shopping-cart.tpl

    2. You would need to make a hard edit in the header.tpl for this as well.


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