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Catalog price rules?

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Hi everyone. I'm just starting with ThirtyBees and I think it is awesome. Thanks to everyone for the good work.

I have a question about the catalog price rules. I'm using version 1.11.x.

I've read in the documentation there is a "catalog prices rules" option (https://docs.thirtybees.com/merchants-guide/price-rules/) but I am unable to find it.

Has it disappeared in 1.11? Or has it been moved somewhere else?

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It seems to me that they should have fixed this a long time ago. After all, quite a lot of time has passed. These documentations are quite useful. I have a copy of what you shared. In addition, I found several more similar copies. I keep them here https://clickhelp.com/online-documentation-tool-free-trial/ since it is very convenient to have all this in one place. You never know what you might need to learn next time and you don't have to go far for it. If you want, I can share access to it with you or send a copy of this document. I think that in the future there may be similar problems that will need this documentation.

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