Indiegogo ElasticSearch project

  • Would you like to have aan ElasticSearch module with features such as advanced text-based search and advanced filter options AND not have to pay € 450 (excl. VAT) for it?

    If your answer is YES the please do read on.
    If you answer is NO than you can skip this post.

    After nagging for months to Michael i finally got him convinced to do a crowdfunding project for an ElasticSearch module. The project will be hosted on Indiegogo. I really think crowdfunded development will be a great way to push TB forward.

    Crowdfunded development:
    In my opinion crowdfunding is a win-win-win situation. A quality module with advanced features that is fully compatible with TB will be developed. Also the developer can make a living and the module will make better and as such more attractive to other people so the user base will grow.

    The module will consist of a two parts, namely a text-based search part and a filter part.

    Features text based search:

    • Possibility to:
      • Search within word
      • Select minimum word length
      • Blacklisted words
      • Field weight
    • Possibility to do:
      • Ajaxsearch
      • Normal search
      • Instant search
    • The ability to not index certain fields
    • The possibility to completely disable the module and fall back to standard search during index updates
    • The possibility for site-owner selectable search operator (and vs or)
    • The efficient & faster way to query of used by Brad (as discussed in “Let’s Talk about Search” thread).
      Support typos and misspellings correction
      Support field weight to define importance of fields
      ElasticSearch log in all available log levels
    • Support auto indexation on product add/update/duplicate
    • Support indexation defined on cron
    • Manual indexation fired in background with slow server timeout protection
    • Indexation cron links ready to use with ‘Cron task manager’
    • Support full index regeneration and new add only missing products to index
    • Support advanced custom index configuration as json string
    • Support advanced custom search configuration as json string
    • Create multiple indexes separately for each shop and language

    Maybe it will also have the ability to support an ElasticSearch cluster and the possibility to have brad-style dropdown search results with the little thumbnails

    Features Filter:

    • Ajax filter

    • Price slider

    • Filter by:

      • Categories
      • Features
      • Manufacturer
    • Multiple selection per category

    • Filter options:
      Product A {1,2,4,5(a,b,d,e,g),8,9}
      Product B {3,5(a,d,e),7,8,9
      Product C {1,3,5(d,g)4,6,7,8,9)
      Product D { 2,5(a,b,f,g,h),6,7,8,9)
      Filter selection : { 2 ∪ 5(b,g) and 8 and 9} > {Product A,D}

      Union (∪)
      Product A {1,2,4,5(a,b,d,e,g),8,9}
      Product B {3,5(a,d,e),7,8,9
      Product C {1,3,5(d,g)4,6,7,8,9)
      Product D { 2,5(a,b,f,g,h),6,7,8,9)
      Filter selection : { 2 and 5 and 8 and 9} > {Product A,B,C,D}

    • Filter on pages:

      • Home
      • Categories
      • Manufacturer
      • Supplier
      • Special pages
      • Best sales
      • New Products
      • Search pages
    • Display selected filter with a ‘cancel’ button

    • Possibility to hook the module to left, right en center

    • Possibility to display the filter result in grid or list view

    • Possibility to select infinite scroll

    The module will also be compatible with the warehouse and transformer theme.

    This module will be developed by developed by Michael (@mdekker) and can be developed for €2000.

    If you would like to have comparable features by buying commercial modules from the Prestashop addon store than you would have to pay about about €450,- (excl. VAT). Even than you would only get updates for 3 months and will it not be certain if the modules are compatible with TB.

    If this project can be funded in the near future than it should be possible to have a beta version of the module in mid-august or early September.

    So I really hope a lot of people will support this initiative so have can have a great search module in the near future.


  • I’m in! Just need that Indiegogo link.

  • A link will soon be posted
    Thank you for your patience

  • Interesting project. I have some questions:

    • Will it be possible to search for content like cms pages or blog posts?
    • What are the server requirements?
    • How will the money be collected? All can just donate what they want or what is the plan?

  • @wakabayashi thank your for your questions
    I can’t give you an answer on 1) and 2) i’m not a developer. i’ll have to ask @mdekker. Or better yet: maybe he can answer them. 3) it will be possible to donate any amount be also preconfigured amounts of €5, €10, €25, €50, €100 and €200.
    I think one can pay with creditcard and with paypal, although i’m not sure about the latter

  • Will it be possible to search for content like cms pages or blog posts?

    Not sure. We could support adding a custom search hook, but that would be too hard in the beginning, so I think not in the first version.

    What are the server requirements?

    Just the regular ElasticSearch specs.

    How will the money be collected? All can just donate what they want or what is the plan?

    I think it’s Credit card, PayPal and Apple Pay

  • The project is very OK but I like when the information is accurate. So the question is, what module on PS cost 450 €. The only one I am aware of is the Polish one and that is 130 €

  • Note that the indiegogo project hasn’t launched yet. This is very exclusive information 😮

  • @Havouza
    I think the information i provided is accurate. Let me explain.
    For the functionality as mentioned in this post you not need 1 module but 2 modules.
    As far as i no the ElasticSearchconnector module that is sold in the prestastore is not capable of doing all the advanced filter options. If you also want the filter options you have to buy a second module.
    The elasticsearch connector costs € 130 excl VAT or € 172 excl VAT for 12 months of updates.
    The other module you need is the advance search 4 module. This module costs € 200 excl VAT or € 280 excl VAT with 12 months of upgrades.
    So for 12 months of free upgrade you will have to pay € 450 excl VAT in order to have all the functionality.

    If in your opinion my calculations are not accurate or if all the functionality can be found in one module please let me know. I’ll than edit the original post.

  • Well I will not argue but first point me to the second module please

  • This post is deleted!

  • @wakabayashi yes indeed

  • Yea I have found it. Nevertheless, can they really work together, but that is uninteresting.

  • @Havouza i’m not a developer. I only initiated the crowdfunded development.
    However, the features list has been discusses with @mdekker and he said this is possible.
    Since it has been discussed with him and he will be developing the module i assume it can be done

  • I think the key point here is that there is no existing single module for PS that does everything this proposed module will do.

    I think the proposed feature set is pretty complete and I look forward to the Indiegogo link when it’s ready.

  • @Havouza can we agree that the information i provided is accurate ?

  • It depends probably. All modules I have bought I have been able to download the latest version for at least 12 months and I have bought many. The support is however limited to 3 months if you don’t pay. For me, it is a difference, perhaps not for all though

  • I’ve also bought for a lot of modules. Not lately however, so maybe they have changed the terms.
    Still if you would like to have this functionality you would have at least to pay €330 excl VAT

  • The PS addons store FAQ implies that it is 90 days for updates as well as support:

    “When you purchase a module, theme or email template, you pay the price displayed only once and acquire the right to use it on a single online store.
    The price of each product includes 3 months of free support: during the 90 days following purchase, you can contact the developer who will answer your technical and functional questions and provide you with all product updates.”

    I think another point worth mentioning from a cost perspective is that in order to stay legal one would have to buy a copy of each module for each store being run. Run 5 stores? Buy 5 sets of modules. That starts to get expensive very quickly.


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