• Hi all,

    Since I started the Greek translation, I was wondering why doesn’t the forum has a specific category for this. This would make it easy if someone is searching for a specific language and/or settings.
    There could be a general Localization categoryfor all languages and for the most popular languages a seperate sub-cat (eg. German)


  • Most people (non tech anyway) would ask “What is crowdin” and would get lost. I think that most users when they are looking for a translation, but also for country specific settings (German law seems a mess :-)) they would go to the websites forum to ask for help. Simple questions like "“How do I change Greek tax” for example would make sense in the forum. There will be for sure issues come up issues that are country specific eg with german ebay and amazon or Greeks who want to add their shops to skroutz.gr. So IMO I think it would help.

  • I first heard of Crawdin in this forum. Tried to check it out and the only thing I saw is that they need registration to do anything. You may imagine how fast I left it, its bounce rate is maybe 90% 🙂 sooner or later I will translate thirtybees in my native language also but I would like to share the translations with others in most accessible way which is NOT Crowdin.
    @mdekker please check that topic https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/40/retina-images-please-help and please help. For someone with your knowledge it is a simple question. I don’t believe that topic like Zero repution. How to increase it? is more important than topic in which is discussed how to make the platform better. Or may be I am wrong because it looks like you and @lesley preffer participating there than topics concerning bugs and basic store improvements! Don’t get me wrong, I know you are busy and can’t answer every question but for now it looks that you are the only knowledgeable persons in programming in this forum. And the only ones who in 1 line could solve most people’s problems. After all it is question concerning everybody.

  • @MockoB I also never used crowdin before but I must say that it is super. I used my google+ account to sing in in less then 1 minute. Other than that I agree totally with you (that’s why I posted this), but you have to understand that this is a young project and many things still need to be sorted out. For now I am sure that the hands are not enough to handle of off tasks. This is a huge project. The good thing here is that both @mdekker and @lesley are listening and I am sure they will do everything in their power to move forward. Please have in mind that this is v1. many things will need to get fixed. I have 3 eshop myself but I am going to wait a bit before putting TB live


  • I totally agree with Nick in all parts (I even have 3 shops as well :D). I think the start of TB was quite good. Here is a lot going on. I agree with @MockoB , that upvotes shouldn’t get much attention. Version 1.0 was released, but still we shouldn’t forget that this a new project and we need patience. I expect a devlopment like that:

    1. Migration tool (So community can test and report bugs)
    2. There will be a quite a lot of new stores based on TB and some migrations from PS
    3. They remove bugs fast and add some core function by modules (mailchimp, blog a.s.o.)
    4. TB will get more migrations from PS 1.6 since it’s just the better product
    5. They launch Addons store and get much more attention from developers
    6. Probably some coders will support @mdekker and @lesley with the core development

    I hope this is realistic, but I needs time. I wonder where we stand in one year 🙂 What is your opinion?

  • @MockoB If you don’t want to translate because you do not want to register for a free site I think that is very strange. Let me go over the whole point of using Crowdin for our translations. One point it is ties them to real people. So if someone comes in and deletes a bunch of translations we can restore them and ban who deleted them. At the same time it manages translations very well, so well it is pretty much the industry standard for this. Sure, we could spend a few months and maybe build something similar out, but then no work would be done on the core or bugs would be fixed. Right now we are focusing on tools and automation that will make our processes quicker and more efficient.

    See one of the big features we are working to implement with Crowdin is the live translations. Right now when you translate PrestaShop or thirty bees you look at a big long list of words and just translate. Where that fails is in context translations, which makes things confusing in some language. Some languages will have multiple words that mean the same word but each use might be a different context, requiring a different word. The incontext translations will allow users to translate strings directly in the back office, so they see the exact context the word is used in to pick the best translation to use.

    This is not something that is going to be released immediately, it is something we are working towards, but in the end it should provide a better end product with better translations that are accessible by more people that might want to translate things.

  • I agree with all of you that thirtybees is very promising project and that is why I am here. I think that it is the best option from all I checked out, at least for me. I will start my next shop with thirtybees but I need to be sure that everything is working properly. Later if everything goes smoothly with my shop I will migrate my current one also.
    I am not familiar with Crowdin and my first impression was not so good about it. I meant that I will most probably translate it in the back office like I did with my current 1.5 shop. But after all I read I will give it a try 🙂 And still I can’t understand how could be easier for someone to look for and download translation from Crowdin instead from the official Thirtybees site. At least there should be clear explanation on the site, how and where could anyone download a translation.

  • @MockoB said in Localization:

    And still I can’t understand how could be easier for someone to look for and download translation from Crowdin instead from the official Thirtybees site.

    See the whole system with the translations are not in place yet. Right now they have to be downloaded from there. This is how translations work in PrestaShop, people translate things, then at some time PrestaShop decides to compile the translations into a language file. What we are going to do is remove some of those steps. We are going to hook our language module into the Crowdin API so people can get the latest translations without us having to pack them. That saves time on our end to work on other things. We are putting a lot of automation in place to save with these redundant tasks. Right now it is not finished or perfect, but in the future it will be and will be pretty cool, we just have to start somewhere.

  • @MockoB Give crowdin a try. Trust me it’s worth it. I managed to get Greek from 82% to 91% in no time and the tools it has are also great. For downloading /Localization issues I still beleave this forum is the best option. But for translation Growdin is the best thing I have ever seen. If a localization forum is created a sticked post with basic direction would solve all your issues. Also I have suggested that the installer could manage many localization proccess eg if I install a Greek eshop, the installer could download the latest language and handle all other localization setting like taxes/ timesetting etc.
    As I said there are many thing to do. Let’s all help

  • I will definitely give crowdin a try after all those issues I got with translating 1.5 through the back office translation tool…
    @mdekker are those all translated from members or they are just picked up from PS? And why are we even discussing Crowdin after we got every language translation I could think of already?


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