Is there an easy was 'back' to Prestashop if needed?

  • Hello

    I am really eager to migrate our live shop from to ThirtyBees. My gut feelings are more than fine also due to the really fast and perfect response of coders and developers here in the forum.
    But you never know what happens in the future. Dekker might win an old Alpha Romeo and could decide to become an automobile enthusiast .)
    Anyhow, I just want to know if the way back to Prestashop is possible if needed. In my case we would leave PS and migrate to TB. TB will develop. So will Prestashop in its own way. I assume the way back would be to the PS version that was left if possible at all?

    Thanks alot

  • It depends on when you will do it, and how big the difference will be. Prestashop might even decide to develop a TB to PS migration tool, we can’t predict.
    Obviously, the more tb-only features you will use, the harder it will be, as the base 1.6 didn;t have many of the things TB implements already 🙂

  • Right now you can simply keep a copy of your current shop.

    In the future? Well, hard to predict. That’d be a thirty bees 1.1.5 to PrestaShop 1.8.3 migration, then? If there is such demand, I’m pretty sure somebody will write a migration tool or offer migration services.

  • @Pedalman I agree the two statements before. Probably you are not yet sure, if thirty bees is the better solution for you. Some weeks ago, I was at the same point. I decided to test thirty bees extensively, before we did the migration. If you wanna test it as well (without any risk!):

  • I understand your arguments well. I already cloned the live shop locally and mirgrated to do tests and set up a new template.

    I thought that I could set up a server to the state my live shop was when I migrate to TB (In order to make this happen I would as always backup the DB and all files from the live shop before I migrate) so literally speaking I would return from TB x.x to PS 1.6.14.

    But this was wish thinking.

    So I migrate to TB in a few days fully. And may be TB will offer some day in the future a ‘perfect’ export feature that makes migration to a freshly set up PS or even other ecommerce system possible.

  • as Idea to the staff: It could seems an strange strategy but I think you should develop yourself a tool to migrate to Prestashop.
    Why? it would be a proof of how confident you are in your solution and It could help to every dubious client to jump to TB. We have to admit that today PS is the “standard”, is the “original” and If someone have doubts, they will use PS because of the trajectory.
    I am sure a lot of users do not still use TB because of “fear” to unexpected errors or incompatibilities (like myself, even If i am very sure I will use TB very soon). This could remove this “fear”.
    Think about this guys. It is an strong message to say:
    "We guarantee you will like TB. We are so confident in this that we have created a module to allow you can come back to PS just in a click in case you want it."
    It is the equivalent to the money back guarantee in ecommerce.

  • Yeah from a trust perspective it would help. But it’s just not worth the time, I believe. A good working migrator takes weeks to develop. I think, we just need to give thirty bees time to grow. When people recognize, that it solves problem for them, they will switch. Many things are going on here, which help:

    • Bug fixes en masse
    • New features (url rewrite, blog, speed improvements) -> see the new crowdfunding idea. Its in our hands!
    • Great support in this forum

    Still there are many people, who believe that PS 1.6 will go on. Wait some weeks/months and they will think different.

  • as you already have PS->TB I thought it would be easy to make the opposite module. Clearly I am not developer hehe

  • Perhaps if you install the migrator in tb 😉 😉 😉 😉

  • The regressions in the 1.6 branch of PrestaShop are getting so bad it would be a time consuming module. They keep breaking things, so we would have to account for those breakages and it would take a signifigant amount of time away from what we want to do, write stable software.

  • Please dont spend time on it, it is counter productive

  • My thoughts exactly. If you really need to roll back, you can do a fresh install and use cart 2 cart if needed.

  • ok, do not worry, just an Idea

  • No worries. We are working on a deal with cart 2 cart right now, that should make a good platform to migrate people from any shop to thirty bees or back to PrestaShop if they choose.


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