Order confirmations & gmail phishing warning

  • Does anyone know why gmail makes such a mess of the confirmation emails?

    Could it be my local gmail settings?
    Anyone else notice this for testing orders?

    Last thing I want to do is send what looks like “phishing” emails to customers.


  • It could be that your mail server is not set up correctly. Are you sending email from your shop using the same domain that your shop is on?

  • Yeah, something is definitely configured incorrectly with your mail. Probably you haven’t authorized the IP that sent that mail in your SPF record and/or you aren’t signing emails properly with DKIM.

  • Agree with above especially if you use gmail. I had the same problem and had to do my homework about SPF DKIM and DMAC

  • It could be the DKIM stuff with the emails not being recognised as valid. We use our hosting company for emails, thankfully on our new hosting company this is just a tick box to enable but on the last hosting company we had to do all of the research and implement it ourselves!

    I’d also suggest checking your IP against blacklists, especially if you’re on a shared server as this could be the issue as well. You might also want to run your email through a checker to see if it’s been listed as a spam source.

  • FIXED!

    Went into cpanel advanced DNS zone editor followed directions to set up SPF and DKIM did not change the phishing email warning in gmail.

    Problem was I was using my gmail address for my store email once I changed store email from my gmail address to my domain email the warning is gone!


  • That’s actually the same problem.

    The domain/address the email comes from (your server in this case) must match the domain the email address claims the mail is coming from (Gmail in your case.) This is checked by using SPF and DKIM to see if the server that sent the mail is authorized by the domain (Gmail in your case) in the email address. If it’s not authorized you get errors like you saw or your message just gets sent to spam.


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