Help, what happened

  • Hi!
    My shop top menu was working perfect but suddenly this happens. Click the clothes link or any in the clothes menu and see what happens. The delivery link work without problem. Same result from the footer links

  • I have reinstalled and hope it helps

  • Did you made screenshot of the issue? Was it cache related?
    And may I ask you which is the template you use? Is it templatemela theme? And which is the slider module you use?

  • Sorry, no Screenshot.

    The template is from a Belarussian developer. Apply Novation

    I think I perhaps created the problem myself somehow. I have a problem with an XML import module that messes up the category tree for some reason. The support is in New Zeeland and is not very fast and is of course 11 hours ahead of me in time and therefore sleep when I am up:
    So instead of waiting for a solution, I have made test imports with different settings. No one has worked and every time I have deleted the categories and imported the correct ones again. Perhaps something broke in the end

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