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How to improve SEO

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Hope somebody has some tips for me.
On my productpages i have entered the meta title and meta-descritpion.
When i search for products, i'm often listed on page 2. 
Does somebody have some tips for me what i can do to rank higher ?
Thank you.

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In case not tried already...
Seobility.net keeps me occupied, used about once a week as the free scans can run-out. Also Gtmetrix.com.
The Seobilty dashboard page has tabs for onpage, backlinks, and rankings.
Suggestions for ranked pages are hard to find at the bottom right of that page, but worth a look if some of your pages already rank on page two.
Backlinks aren't much listed on the free account, but if you use the site without an account from another browser the listing is better and you can check your own site and similar ones to see who links.
Onpage tests never quite come-right for me but get gradually better. I often score badly for duplicate content but the similar test site ahrefs says I am OK so this isn't a precise measure.
The ebbs and flows of popularity are as rapid as tides and should not cause panic.


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