tb + SEO Booster Ultimate, Category Url

  • I found a small issue but important for seo.

    PS SEO Booster Ultimate, Category Url settings: {categories:/}{rewrite}

    Generated link in PrestaShop:

    Generated link in ThirtyBees:

    The main name of the category tree should not be visible in the link.

    After copying the file /classes/Link.php from PrestaShop to TB generated link is correct (without “main” name). This is a temporary solution. What should be changed in TB Link.php?

  • This happens when something in your database is off.

    Likely the PS_ROOT_CATEGORY and PS_ROOT_CATEGORY variables in the ps_configuration table do no longer point to the root and home category.

  • Currently I have such entries in the ps_configuration table


    Do you propose to change them?

  • If it no longer looks like this, then yes:


  • I attach the screen, in my opinion are OK


  • Yeah, looks good.

    Maybe it would be better to not use the seo booster module for the URLs and use the native thirty bees rewrites.

    I’m not familiar with what’s in the package but you could try removing /override/classes/Dispatcher.php and /override/classes/Link.php

  • SEO Booster Ultimate has very nice feature - removing default ISO language’s from urls. Maybe @Nemo could solve this issue.

  • I compared the file Link.php from PrestaShop and TB.

    After changing lines 77-79 in public function __construct

    if (Link::$category_disable_rewrite === null) {
        Link::$category_disable_rewrite = array(Configuration::get('PS_HOME_CATEGORY'), Configuration::get('PS_ROOT_CATEGORY'));

    generated link is without “main” name. 😉

  • I agree with @mdekker in saying it would be better not to use the module’s rewriting system, it’s also less efficient. I might add a better version designed for TB, where you can still remove the iso, but just that


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