Visual Composer error

  • I have a strange problem with visual composer
    I can’t uninstall the module or reinstall it

    Class CategoryControllerOverrideOriginal_remove5957972a3f338 does not exist
    at line 1860 in file classes/module/Module.php
    1856.             // Make a reflection of the override class and the module override class
    1857.             $overrideFile = file($overridePath);
    1859.             eval(preg_replace(['#^\s*<\?(?:php)?#', '#class\s+'.$classname.'\s+extends\s+([a-z0-9_]+)(\s+implements\s+([a-z0-9_]+))?#i'], [' ', 'class '.$classname.'OverrideOriginal_remove'.$uniq], implode('', $overrideFile)));
    1860.             $overrideClass = new ReflectionClass($classname.'OverrideOriginal_remove'.$uniq);
    1862.             $moduleFile = file($this->getLocalPath().'override/'.$path);
    1863.             eval(preg_replace(['#^\s*<\?(?:php)?#', '#class\s+'.$classname.'(\s+extends\s+([a-z0-9_]+)(\s+implements\s+([a-z0-9_]+))?)?#i'], [' ', 'class '.$classname.'Override_remove'.$uniq], implode('', $moduleFile)));
    1864.             $moduleClass = new ReflectionClass($classname.'Override_remove'.$uniq);
    ReflectionClass->__construct - [line 1860 - classes/module/Module.php] - [1 Arguments]
    ModuleCore->removeOverride - [line 1810 - classes/module/Module.php] - [1 Arguments]
    ModuleCore->uninstallOverrides - [line 2197 - classes/module/Module.php]
    ModuleCore->uninstall - [line 308 - modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php]
    JsComposer->uninstall - [line 1066 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php]
    AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessReset - [line 1435 - controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php]
    AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess - [line 379 - classes/controller/Controller.php]
    ControllerCore->run - [line 742 - classes/Dispatcher.php]
    DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 63 - admin/index.php]```

  • Try to manually delete the old override files, and to refresh the cache.

  • I don’t see any old override files.
    Wher can i find those?

  • done this, but i get now" Controller not found"
    If i run VC module.

  • Any solution?

  • Is this module made by smart data soft?

  • yes.
    It worked before, but when i update the module i getting problems.
    I can’t uninstall it also. And when i click on the module i’m getting controller not found

  • Have you tried contacting them for support? The should support it with thirty bees from the discussions I have had with them. Its just hard for us to diagnose / figure out the issue with not actually having the module or the source.

  • Yes i contact it, but yesterday i get the answer we don’t support thirty bees 😞

  • Oh, interesting. I will reach out to them.

  • Hello, lesley

    I have answer Webshoptime about there issue in our support system.

  • @mdekker said in Visual Composer error:

    Ahh yeah
    There are a few issues with the module and new PS versions/tb afaik.

    I am currently working together with Smartdatasoft to improve the module.

    It’s not just about improving thirty bees compatibility (haven’t found anything yet), but also a code review, making it a lot more stable.

    Great news. I hope you can help them to improve module stability and correct bugs. Visual Composer is full of them and they just ignore the customers reporting bugs. I can send you a few bugs if you want it as they just ignore me (even If I have 3 licences and paid support)

  • perfect, I will send you a few when I have a little bit of time to compilate all information I have from my support history. Maybe in 2-3 days (but I will try before). No doubt I will move to TB when I have time.

  • @rubben1985 at first you need to understand what is the responsibility of visual composer.
    Visual composer will not handle your content over flow. It must be managed your theme css.

  • @smartdatasoft said in Visual Composer error:

    @rubben1985 at first you need to understand what is the responsibility of visual composer.
    Visual composer will not handle your content over flow. It must be managed your theme css.

    That was just the last drop of an entire glass of water. I will post the list of bugs and people will see if they are overflow css problems or not.

    A free advice of a person that have grow up in a entrepreneurs family: EVEN if you were right (not saying you actually are) and that would be the case, you could give your customer some orientation to solve the problem as PANDA them is used by thousands of people and the solution would help a lot of them.
    But I repeat, that was just the last drop and I will post the bugs here in public.
    I still have support (I paid money for it) and your words were: “I will not give support any more”. People can take their conclusions.

    I do not want polemics here in this forum, it is an awesome place and I do not want to argue with you anymore. I will not reply you here anymore to respect the good atmosphere.

  • Hi @mdekker, sorry for delay, It was a very busy week. Here my list. I attached some video links to explain them better.

    Here my list:

    1- Background advanced button: grey color is applied automatically when empty field
    There is a bug in background color in advanced button function. Always refill itself with a light grey color if I try to leave it empty.
    That means that if I have a transparent button and I want to change something in it, I always have to remember to delete that field before saving because if not, background color is changed automatically.

    2- Templates can not be deleted:

    3- Home (not CMS) has responsive problems.
    Sometimes when I create a text block in HOME (not any problem in CMS) span tag is bigger than the mobile size itself so text overflows and it is not showed.
    I know this can happens if font is too big (example 70pts) as the word itself has not space in 1 line but it should not happens when the word that overflows, has enough space in 1 line. In this case word should move to the next line as it happens always in any CMS page that I created before. Indeed I copy the exact structure that created me problems in Home to one of my cms CMS pages and it work like a charm so it is something related to VC in HOME.
    Here it is the example I sent a few months ago. The “cut” word was “personalizado”. That word had enough space to be complete in 1 line.

    4- In chrome, vertical align do not work properly.
    In case someone it is interested It can be solved by css or just adding an additional empty column inside the row. (Support answer was “pay a developer because it is custom work” so I hope maybe @mdekker can solve it with my information to help rest of users)

    5- Background information is not correct: I reported 3 times, no answer.
    Background information simply do not move so once you move a row, information is wrong
    In addition this information is copied when duplicating row.

    6- Error in margin: When I try to apply margin, in some situation it move columns down. It cannot be solved using padding instead. So 2 options: If margin/padding do not work with this type structure just disable the option. If it should works, it is a bug.

    Not a bug but not user friendly
    Once you are in backend editor, if you change language, editor do not change. You have to go to classic editor, then change the language and then back to backend editor to see the other language.


  • Yes i have the same problems.
    Also an issue with topbar nav. I have a blue background in the ccs style, but it stays white in the front.

  • 1 more bug
    JUST IN HOME (in cms it works fine)
    Custom css doesn´t apply to all selected shops in multistore when saving:


    In this example you can see how I selected all stores in prestashop top bar and also in the down part of backoffice VC editor.

    @mdekker, any news from smartdatasoft in some bugs correction? (you said you are collaborating with them in corrections)


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