Stripe Update

  • I updated the stripe module when the notice came in the back office. After updating the api key fields were blank. I reentered the api keys and toggled to the live mode. I got an error message that one or more of the api keys were invalid. I rolled the api keys in stripe, reentered them and got the same message. So I restored the previous stripe module version and now things appear to be working again. I know the old version works as I had a stripe payment earlier today which completed without a hitch.

  • I updated it again after your fix. I got the green box but it did not have the line “1 file upgrade applied”. It remembered the keys for the default store but not store 2. Both stores needed to be toggled to live. I inputted the test keys and toggled live in store one - success. I inputted all keys and toggled live in store 2 - success. So everything is working now.


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