Modifying shipping link on product page?

  • Hi there again,

    i’d like to modify the link for shipping on the product page. Currently it’s pointing to

    Which leads to a page without navigation. It would be nice if i could set it to a new tab or a modal. Since i made some changes to the theme, it looks pretty broken as well. I tested it with a fresh installation in my test environment and there it also only leads to a separate page without navigation. Although it looks nicer in the default theme, it’s still pretty bad if the customer can’t navigate back…

  • Kind of, yes. I just threw this “replace:’&content_only=1’:’’” into the module view and now it shows in a modal window. Your link is for the shopping cart. Will this change also be made to the EU compliance plugin, specifically for product page?

    And if i may ask: Is it possible to override the style of the compliance plugin? The theme doesn’t seem to have styles for that.

  • This:
    The link below the product price leads to the strange page. After adding the replace command it works fine.

    I’m modifying the theme anyway. Adding additional templates shouldn’t be hard, i just need to find out how it works. I’m still new to this system…

  • i just need to find out how it works

    Modules come with their own templates, CSS and JS files. To override them, place like-named files in themes/mytheme/modules, themes/mytheme/css/modules and themes/mytheme/js/modules. Plenty of examples coming with the default theme.

  • Thanks. Looks good so far.

  • Ok, false alarm. It stopped working and the replace tag didn’t do anything. Not sure why it worked at all…

    I found out, that one script is missing in product page:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/modules/advancedeucompliance/views/js/fo_aeuc_tnc.js"></script>

    This one appears in the product listing pages, but not in product pages. According to “position” it should be in the head section. I thought the head section is used at every single page? Anyways, as a quick and dirty fix, i put it into the product.tpl. Let’s see how long that one works…


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