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  • In PS 1.7 it is possible to set a manual link to the main category, so it shows all available products. Is something similar possible with TB?

    I want the customer to be able to browse through the shop without selecting a specific category.


  • Yes please! I don’t have 1,000 of items so I was just trying to figure this out myself the other day!

  • I don’t know why i didn’t think earlier of this, but i’ve got a simple idea.

    • create new category, call it e. g. “Catalogue” or whatever you want
    • move all other categories to the new “Catalogue” category
    • go to the menu settings and put this category in the menu


    I feel dumb now… Maybe i should get more sleep. I just don’t understand why every forum thread on the internet goes the complicated way of creating a new module and a front controller.

    Would it be possible to add this to the documentation as a little hint?

  • Or create the new category and add all products to that category also. That way customer can choose if he want to look at all or per category

  • Is there a faster way than going into each product’s associations?
    I’ve changed all of mine so far but couldn’t find a quicker way to do it.

  • Only if you have them as csv and add the new category and the upload.

  • @vzex I agree with @Havouza about the spreadsheet. Makes it a lot easier, provided you have one in the first place. I think.

    @BlindPenguin No one needs to say or feel dumb, ever. We’re all learning together. There are plenty of merchants here, me included, who want you to express your ideas and ask your questions. Please continue to do so. It will vastly improve our opensource software and make it easier for others to transition to thirtybees.

  • Ok thanks, no csv
    Went to products exported them all to excel but not sure what to do with it. More learning/reading!


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