Which module for developing own payment gateway?

  • I’m going through all the posts but can’t find the reference from Mdekker about there being a module for developing your own payment gateway. Can someone please link it. Thanks.

  • Nope it wasn’t that as I did look at that but it’s for payments without a gateway. I’m sure there was a module or maybe an API in TB for letting you develop your own connection to a gateway. I’ve read a ton of posts but can’t seem to track it down and was hoping he could remember 🙂

  • I am not familiar with the post, you might try asking him on gitter, https://gitter.im/thirtybees/General

  • I’ve found it, it was in the feature request area, I found it via Google lol. The reference he made was to the OmniPay module, which should now be part of the core I think.

  • Ahh, that one. We have talked about that and are planning some thing for it.

  • @lesley That’s great. I had a look at it but it seems a bit old and non-supported now with very little documentation and suggestions that you take all problems to Stack Overflow. It’d be good if it became a TB module to let us non-Stripe users integrate our gateways 🙂

  • The Omnipay website on https://omnipay.thephpleague.com/ looks like it´s not well maintained.

    However the source repository on https://github.com/thephpleague/omnipay is still active.

    So it appears the project is still alive and well from a coding point of view.

  • My boss isn’t happy with the idea of that OmniPay when he took a look at it so I’ve spent the last few hours running comparisons on Stripe & PayPal vs SagePay (PayPal built in) and based on our sales for June there’d have been a 23% saving in fees switching our merchant account to Stripe as we do a lot of B2B sales using company credit cards. However, as PayPal accounted for 9% of our June sales and given the PayPal UK module is crap he’s decided we’re going to keep SagePay for now on PrestaShop but switch to Stripe & PayPal on TB.

    I’m glad we ran this little exercise as it does seem Stripe might be more cost effective for B2B! 🙂

  • It´s good to do this exercise once a year or so.

    The credit card processing fees and rates are in a rapid decline these days.

    I remember a few years back when rates were in the 2-2.5% range.

    Nowadays we´re paying 1.2% and just had an offer from a new credit card acquirer at 0.9%.

  • We pay 1.9% directly through PayPal. We’ll likely add Stripe to the site once we get things running but the fees will certainly be higher.

  • We’re in the range of the 2.9 to 2.4 depending on the month for PayPal; PayPal comes through our SagePay as another service. Credit cards are 2.5% on SagePay with debit cards being 40p. American Express is 1.68%. Sounds like we should have moved off SagePay a long time ago!

    Stripe is going to be 2.9% + 20p for American Express but tbh we barely see anything from that so it’s not a problem. Stripe standard is 1.4% + 20p for all EU debit/credit cards so for B2C customers SagePay at 40p might still be a preferred method though for us being mainly B2B stripe will work out better.

  • @DavidP The problem is that Stripe is not available in many EU countries yet

  • Have you all looked into cloudswipe? They add a huge number of gateways to thirty bees.

  • No I am very satisfied with how Paypal works. No problems, no waiting for your money

  • @lesley It took me a while to realise what it actually does and is clever, I think. I admit I glossed over that blog when it went up as I didn’t think it was relevant.

    So for $150/year for their service we could have our PayPal, SagePay or Stripe gateways set up in Cloudswipe which we connect to using the free TB module. It’d be the same view for all our customers unlike the different view they get now for SagePay or PayPal - the consistency would be a good thing. Basically they’re a template over the gateway view.

    The no transaction fees comment on their site is misleading as they see they don’t charge you any fees for a transaction but the gateway still does so whatever SagePay / PayPal / Stripe charge you still pay. Also they state you don’t need to worry about SSL certificates but you do as it’s not just about card payments. With regards to PCI compliance, they’re pushing this a lot but in fact if you didn’t use them and just connected to the gateway you’d still be PCI compliant as the card details are entered onto the gateway site and not your website, that’s the whole point of using the gateway in the first place!

    I think they’ve got some misleading information on there aimed at scare tactics but my main issue with using Cloudswipe is their fees in that they seem to have changed a lot over the years with them being $95 / year in 2015 under their cart66 name and a previous model of $50/month for some cloud option. I think I’d be tempted to go with the Swipe/PayPal integrations and see how stable Cloudswipe remains in pricing before trying them out.

  • I don’t think it is misleading. See the thing is, you come to them once you have already made a deal with your processor, they are not involved in that deal what so ever, so they cannot speak to the rates. What they are saying is you pay no transaction through them to use their service. There are others on the market that do charge a premium over what your gateway charges, think Shopify.


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