Localization/states and /countries missing select all

  • After too many clicks to disable states around the world when I only wanted US states found this fix to add bulk actions:

    for states selection in file admin\themes\default\template\controllers\states\helpers\list\list_footer.tpl after </div> on line 43

    for countries selection in admin\themes\default\template\controllers\countries\helpers\list\list_footer.tpl after </div> on line 41

    	<div class="col-lg-8">
    		{if $bulk_actions}
    		<div class="btn-group bulk-actions">
    			<button type="button" class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">
    				{l s='Bulk actions'} <span class="caret"></span>
    			<ul class="dropdown-menu">
    					<a href="#" onclick="javascript:checkDelBoxes($(this).closest('form').get(0), '{$table}Box[]', true);return false;">
    						<i class="icon-check-sign"></i>&nbsp;{l s='Select all'}
    					<a href="#" onclick="javascript:checkDelBoxes($(this).closest('form').get(0), '{$table}Box[]', false);return false;">
    						<i class="icon-check-empty"></i>&nbsp;{l s='Unselect all'}
    				<li class="divider"></li>
    				{foreach $bulk_actions as $key => $params}
    				<li{if $params.text == 'divider'} class="divider"{/if}>
    					{if $params.text != 'divider'}
    					<a href="#" onclick="{if isset($params.confirm)}if (confirm('{$params.confirm}')){/if}sendBulkAction($(this).closest('form').get(0), 'submitBulk{$key}{$table}');">
    						{if isset($params.icon)}<i class="{$params.icon}"></i>{/if}&nbsp;{$params.text}

  • Sure, let’s add it!

  • This is what it looks like on 1.0.2:


  • Nice!
    Wasn’t really a bug so I guess it’s in the wrong place, just a missing convenience 🙂


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