Password protect wholesale?

  • Trying to set up wholesale pricing with password protection.

    How are you all dealing with wholesale/retail?

    I’d like to password protect wholesale category pages

    Currently non TB/PS website just has links so retail can browse wholesale pricing.
    Don’t want TB to do it this way.

    What I’ve tried:

    Added wholesale to groups with 40% discount for 10 each quantity but also needs a minimum $250.00 purchase not sure how to do that

    Added wholesale category with button to contact us page

    Added wholesale inquiry drop down to contact us page to request password

    Added wholesale prices for 10 quantity to prices under products

    Added second “wholesale only” category where the wholesale pricing would be that wholesale customer is sent access with emailed password.

    Or does the pricing show up for wholesale only customers in the wholesale user? And how do I give them only that privilege to see it?

    Now I’m stuck.

    My cpanel has some options to password protect

    Or does this require multistores? I tried that today and it didn’t go well so I rolled back.

    Maybe best option is a link to my current non TB/presta wholesale page and stay in the dark ages forgetting all the above 🙂

  • But it must be possible to set wholesale prices using the special prices option in the price tab in backoffice. There you can set what group and from what number of products it is valid from

  • There are a couple of private shop modules on the market that should be able to do what you are looking for in so far as stopping people without accounts from browsing your site.

  • Thanks @Havouza will have to see if I can figure it out.

    @lesley Been hesitant on purchasing any modules until they show TB support, plus limited funds. Then what if down the line they discontinue, hence the DIY part.

    Sometimes I think I’m better off just going with shopify type of stores if I have to buy square payment module, a theme, password protect module and whatever else might come up and be selling not trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Trying to upgrade a current store to compete with all these snazzy pay per month stores that just work but being the DIY type is hard.

    If I have to buy these extra features I’d prefer to support those involved with TB or who will be adding support for it.

  • Trying to upgrade a current store to compete with all these snazzy pay per month stores that just work but being the DIY type is hard.

    I think Havouza is on the right track. Asking for a password is almost the same as asking shop visitors to log in. If they’re logged in, they can get custom prices according to the group they belong to. It’s all there in 30bz core already. Setting automatic logout time to a very long time (100 years) also means customers coming along more often don’t have to log in each time.

  • Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Traumflug

    I’ll give this a try.


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