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Advanced EU Compliance Module

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Not sure if this is a bug or a theme related issue

With this setting enabled: Display a 'From' label before the price on products with combinations

Works perfectly with product list views:



But on the product page it is AFTER the price and should be before the price



Also, it is misleading when using volume discounts (cataloge price rules) as it does not take these into account. So on here it says price from £0.04 but in reality with available discounts it should be price from £0.02. 

Not really bothered about the discount price but really need to know where I can move the "From" Label so it is infront of the price. 


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I'm also looking for that. I can't find where the "From" is coded, unfortunately. 

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A hacking solve!

Module > templates > Hooks > hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl

I changed 

<Span class="aeuc_from_label">



<div class="aeuc_from_label">

And used translations to change the word "From"


Just need to remember yet another change after every upgrade


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