Migration db error

  • Hi there!
    I’m trying to migrate from PS to TB. After the installation, TB migration module shows this error message:

    								[WARNING] SQL
    								1060 in ALTER TABLE `ps_category`
      ADD `display_from_sub` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL: Duplicate column name 'display_from_sub'
    								[WARNING] SQL
    								1062 in INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`) VALUES ('actionRegisterAutoloader', 'actionRegisterAutoloader'): Duplicate entry 'actionRegisterAutoloader' for key 'hook_name'
    								[WARNING] SQL
    								1062 in INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`) VALUES ('actionRegisterErrorHandlers', 'actionRegisterErrorHandlers'): Duplicate entry 'actionRegisterErrorHandlers' for key 'hook_name'
    								[WARNING] SQL
    								1062 in INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`) VALUES ('actionRetrieveCurrencyRates', 'actionRetrieveCurrencyRates'): Duplicate entry 'actionRetrieveCurrencyRates' for key 'hook_name'

    Front-office only shows the Shop’s name. Back-office has the Prestashop graphic. After 2 years of PS, I officially hate it and I need a good substitute. But I have a lot of products and categories and I don’t have time to insert them again.
    How can I fix it?
    Thanks in advance

  • Hi!
    This is my situation

    As you can see the homepage is empty. The back-end seems incomplete.
    I run it on localhost (Apache) and I don’t have any type of cache.
    Yesterday I tried a fresh installation of Thirty Bees and it works perfectly on local. But I need to migrate my PS shop.
    I tried to reinstall manually the Community Theme, but when I upload the Zip (community-theme-default-1.0.1.zip), I see this error: Bad configuration file.

  • Now I can see front-office but back-office isn’t ok 😞
    1_1499330171870_thirtybees.png 0_1499330171869_thirtybees3.png

  • Can you try disabling the prestashop gamification module and also going to the employee accounts and enabling the thirty bees theme for the employees / back office accounts.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks @lesley , now I can see the TB back-office theme!
    But I have some doubts:

    1. Can I update these modules as always?


    1. On fresh TB installation I can see “Duplicate URL” and “Custom Code” but I can’t on Migrated version. Why?
      (fresh installation)

  • You should be able to update as normal.

    That could be a bug with the menu items, we might not be adding them properly on the migration.

  • @mdekker I don’t know if you aware to the fact that the duplicated url menu is not added with the migration.
    On all the migration I did, I had to add it manually.

  • @lesley thanks!

    @mdekker I tried but no luck.

    I’ve found another error on TB. If I check jqZoom instead of Fancybox:

  • The theme might not support it. I am doing some work on the theme this weekend, I will check it out and see if I can fix it.


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