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  • Hello guys,

    PS has useful CCC option to minify html. How can it be restored to TB?

    On the PS test store I have nice results on Google PageSpeed: 96 / 95.


    Same theme installed in TB gets lower results: 69 / 84.


  • Nice questions anyone know please Share

  • These metrics don’t matter anymore. Use to check the actual speed of your site.

  • This same VPS server and theme:

    Performance grade A 91
    Load time 769 ms
    Faster than 93 % of tested sites
    Page size 498.3 kB

    Performance grade B 81
    Load time 2.73 s
    Faster than 57 % of tested sites
    Page size 666.7 kB

    Unfortunately I noticed that the shop on TB got weaker results, I also checked on gtmetrix.

    Is it possible to enable minify html?

  • No, that makes your store slower.

  • Look, if having a 100% score on those metrics are important to you, then thirty bees is not your framework.

    We have built it for speed, security, stability, etc. which means we do not let a giant search engine dictate what web performance actually is. I have worked as a web performance consultant for several years and have even studied parts of the offline version of Pagespeed’s code (yes, it was open source for a brief moment) and the Pagespeed Chrome extension code. Back then Google already realized that these metrics can’t be always correct, because most of them simply can’t be measured properly.
    This is why Google has been working on deprecating Pagespeed and is going to work on Lighthouse. This tool is based on the actual performance, not some stupid metrics/best practices that could (yes, COULD!) improve your site’s performance. Most of them were written somewhere late 2000s and do no longer apply.

    We have benchmarked the software and found that removing the minify HTML option could never work. It makes your site at least a second per pageload slower and that could never compensate for the bandwidth saved by minifying it. The fastest machines might be able to decrease the delay to 200ms, but that is still way too much, so we have removed it.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Here is two reports from Lighthouse plugin, still same VPS server and theme:


    TB 1.0.1

  • Yup, that is what we are focusing on. I guess eventually we might even have to make the move to a progressive web app, because it looks like that is going be the next big thing.

    This forum software is a web app. You can notice how fast it is. It would be great to achieve the same with online stores.

  • BTW. Do you recommend using the pagespeed mod with nginx? I noticed one issue after enable this mod - no images from Catalog->Edit Products->Images. 😞 Report this as a bug?


    PS SEO Booster Ultimate from @nemo displays images correctly


  • No, definitely not. It makes your webserver a lot slower. If you really want it all minified and gzipped, use CloudFlare. They use extremely fast hardware for that.

  • Google is actually migrating from the Pagespeed framework to the Lighthouse framework to measure performance. If you notice they have been heavily funding Lighthouse and now with Chrome 60 it is going to be included by default.

    I have already started trying to optimize for Lighthouse, the last theme update added a lot of accessibility options and some speed improvements. In the future we are going to add even more, since we are trying to design thirty bees for the future, not the past.

    That is also a reason for removing the minify html. It speeds up the download time of the html, there is no doubt in that. But it slows down the processing time of the server. So you might save .2 seconds on download time and trade that for .5 seconds of processing time. It would make your site .3 seconds slower using it.

  • My site gtmetrix page speed good green A 100 yslow green A90 but Google page speed inslite orenge 67 I can improve Google page speed
    My server apache nigex (fastcomet rocket booster plans with cdn cloud flare) My cache driver memcached server supported proxy varnish cache. This server not provid Mode page speed

  • I hope I step on no toes with this.

    If something is too slow, adding even more software, well, tends to slow things down even more. Simply because more software means more CPU cycles burnt. That’s a simple logic, just not very popular.

    To get things faster, one has to remove something.

    For example, CSS and JS files aren’t dynamic, so they can be minified at installation time. Doing this for every page request from scratch is a bit … uhm. To get this minification, one can simply run such a minifier over every file existing in the installation.

    Another one is to join files. Serving two 5kB files is slower than serving one 10 kB file. PS 1.7 did something in this direction in its default theme. The number of files was simply reduced at theme build time.

    Third one coming to mind is to compress files in advance. Letting Apache do this compression means each file gets compressed for each page request, so the very same task get repeated thousand of times every day. Nice plan for wasting processing resources. Apache can be instructed to serve files as compressed content without actually compressing them. That means, files on disk have to be already compressed, which is achievable easily. Result: compressed once, served often, less CPU load, improved performance.

    I’m pretty sure your patches are welcome. For myself, I’m currently covered with more crucial tasks.

  • @Traumflug said in minify html option:

    Apache can be instructed to serve files as compressed content without actually compressing them. That means, files on disk have to be already compressed, which is achievable easily. Result: compressed once, served often, less CPU load, improved performance.

    Which compression are we discussing? images or a whole webpage or what, please?

    I hope I step on no toes with this.

    When did that ever stop you? LOL!

  • @Traumflug Actually with http/2 becoming prevalent the methodologies are changing. Here is a good article on resource handling,

    @alwayspaws Only text based files can use server side compression, so css, js, html.

  • @lesley how do I dig through to find all those or is there a thirty bees setting to make them compressed? Thanks!

  • It is a server setting, likely it is already switch on, it is unusual for it to not be.

  • So I’d better leave well enough alone, but several hosting people have worked on and restored and restored over again, my site and test site, so how can I be sure, please?

  • Run your site through something like GT Metrix and see if it picks up on any compression errors for resources that are on your site. Likely it will flag things like Google analytics and Facebook, but it should not flag any of the files you host.

  • Thank you, I’ll try that. Never heard of GT Metrix until this discussion.


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