Two more questions if you please ;)

  • First item on my list involves customer logins. I thought when I was setting up the cart I ran into an option somewhere that decided when and where a customer would create their account. I currently have it set (I say set loosely as I have no idea if I set it, its default or even where to set it) where the customer creates an account during checkout. I would like to move that process to the front or before the “adding to cart” process. Is that possible?

    Next item up for bid - do any of you use If so, what are you planning to do with the upcoming TLS Disablement? They list September 18, 2017 as the last day. I assume this will affect more than just me and while it is a few months off, I thought now might be the time to look into solutions.

    Thank you in advance for your time and considerations - I am not aware of any skill I possess that I can offer in kind; however if there is anything I can ever do to pitch in around here - let me know.



  • @mdekker - Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    By reprogram, I assume you are meaning to get into the actual code and not a module or selection somewhere inside the admin panel?

    Awesome to hear about cURL - I am long past the understand of newer protocols. Sadly, I remember when SSL became a thing. Today, just about everything is Grieks to me.


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