module compatibility

  • Hi,

    Impressed by the post “PS1.7 is out, here is why PS1.7 it is a failure”.

    I’ve got concern about compatibility issue with modules I purchased and not sure if they will be compatible with TB. Namely facebook login and faceshop module developed by Vekia. And there is a POS module from EK-SI. (No support any more)

    I also purchased Store manager for PS from emagicone. Hope this will also work with TB.


  • Just to share: After installing TB and been testing it.
    1: No compatibility issue with facebook shop module.

    1. Previous posts from TB confirms that TB will work with Store Manager.
      TB will be my choice now, instead of PS1.6. It’s much faster than PS. For other functionality, still testing.

  • Could you link the post you are talking about? (PS1.7 is out, here is why PS1.7 it is a failure)


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