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Server Requirements/Recommendations

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I'm going to be setting up a new server for my 30 Bees store -- I was just looking at the requirements page and it mentions PHP 5.5 to 7.1.

Is that still correct even with the recent release of 1.3?

I did some searching on the forum and people seem to be saying to use 7.3 but not 7.4. That discussion was mid-2020 so a bit old.

I'm starting from scratch and 30 Bees will be the only thing on the server so I am free to set things up in the optimal way. What would that be?

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7.4 should still has some issues (warning in the core and bugs in themes). I've tested up to 7.3 and it worked for 1.2.x.

I'm running on litespeed, mariadb, ssd, and php 7.2 with apc and litespeed cache module. 3 stores, 1 WP site.

It all depends on what amount of customers do you expect and you can upgrade from here but this is working just fine for me.

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Thank you for the responses. I expected the 7.1 was out of date

Ok so 7.3/7.4 sounds like the way to go and since 7.4 is the default on ubuntu 20.04 LTS that seems easiest.

I will use a VPS -- gave up on shared hosting at least 5 years ago. 

Transitioning from Digital Ocean to Linode planning to use dedicated CPU 2 CPU 4GB RAM. Cost is is not a issue but for a single store that is low traffic I don't think there would be benefit in going higher than that.

This is a old store -- originally PrestaShop then came to 30 Bees. Even before switching to 30 Bees the store was experiencing issues that have gotten worse -- not one thing in particular just a bunch of things that on the surface don't seem related. I'm hoping that the move + upgrade and some work solves that. 

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