How can a brand-new website get back links?

  • @lesley I created this and verified it, but how can I not show the street address so I don’t get people asking to come in person, as @vzex said?

  • @lesley I think there is some confusion on my part. I only have an online store and if the only way to get links is to have a GMB page with my address on it, I think it’s better for me to remove it and just get links. I know a couple of online businesses I may be able to exchange links with.

    I looked at this article and I don’t need a map. I’d like to keep the GMB listing but not show my address.

    Google+ VS Google Business & Map

  • I think you might need to read some articles on SEO. Moz has some pretty good articles. Link exchanges do not work any more, you will get penalized for doing them in some cases.

    GMB only really works if you have a physical location and show your address. The option to hide the map hides the listing.

  • @lesley I don’t have a physical store, so should I delete the GMB? I’ve been reading a slew of articles and I don’t mean a link exchange software or site just for link exchanges. "Backlinks are still very important according to Brian Dean: “If you want more search engine traffic, link building is a must.” and he explains a lot.

  • @alwayspaws you only need the GMB if you’ve a physical location you serve from OR you provide service in an area whereby you go visit your customers. Neither of these is true so in your case it’s not needed.

    A good way to get links is to be active on a forum as a support user & advertiser, don’t hide behind an alter ego as you’ll get found out. Another way is to write fantastic blogs and share them around to try get links that way. If it’s a good blog then it’ll get the links. One good article can get you a lot of continuous traffic.

  • @DavidP Hi, David. The blog articles idea seems best for me. Thank you.

  • If you are interested in the “blog thing”. You should google about “Content Marketing”. I believe a lot in it. If you are been able to write reasonable content, you can also start to ask for blog post. This is a secure way to get backlinks. But of course you have to invest a lot of time 😉

  • @wakabayashi thank you for your reply. I’m going to continue adding products. I have a lot of work to do. When you have a new site, it’s too overwhelming to do everything at once.

  • How about using facebook or twitter? I think there have been modules for prestashop granting a discount if people share a product on twitter or facebook. Maybe these can be used with 30bz too? If this would be an option for you this could give you some backlinks in the social web. As far as I know presence in the social web is important for google too.

  • Marci, your cat is adorable! Thank you for the advice. I use FB and Twitter and have a nice following. I’m not sure about asking for backlinks from them, but I will anyway, pretty soon. I’ve been friends with some of them for a long time. I also use Instagram and Pinterest, etc., but need to make time to add more images. I have the social sharing icons on my site. Believe me, I’m present one way or another. I’m fine tuning some of the site now. Wish I could put my dog to work at more than just looking pretty! 🙂

  • Does anyone of you use forums to set links? I noticed that in my niche it’s quite easy to set links there. They aren’t marked as “nofollow”. When I watch out for relevant blogs (comments), its always “nofollow”.

    Are forum links valuable? Is there any difference between link in the post itself or if it’s in the signature?

  • Forums are generally not a problem if the forum itself is not spammy.

  • @wakabayashi said in How can a brand-new website get back links?:

    Does anyone of you use forums to set links? I noticed that in my niche it’s quite easy to set links there. They aren’t marked as “nofollow”. When I watch out for relevant blogs (comments), its always “nofollow”.

    Are forum links valuable? Is there any difference between link in the post itself or if it’s in the signature?

    I haven’t, but I don’t understand “nofollow”. I’d like to know more about this, too.

  • With every modern browser you inspect the html code of every website. You should just look for the links. Let’s take your signature in this forum:

    As you can see, the link has a rel=“nofollow”. This means for google: oh I shouldn’t follow this links. In other words this link won’t give you a lot of linkpower. Maybe even no power.

    Are such nofollow links worthless? No. They still bring users trough direct clicks.

  • @wakabayashi this is very helpful. I want users to visit my site. Thanks for going to all that trouble!

  • @alwayspaws you are welcome. We all want to have a lot of visitors. Buyers are even better 😃 But ecommerce is a hard game.

  • Yes, buyers, of course! 🙂 eCommerce is hard, but I’m hanging in there!

  • I am on the fence when it comes to back links I don’t feel they are important because your not selling on a backlink, your competitors or relevant sites are going to tell you to go pound sand lol they do not want to link to a website lower on the rank pole plus they do not want you taking their customers. so far the best way I have found for getting traffic is advertising. Facebook being the most cost effective so far. Go where your customers are. build your brand just use good SEO practices & the rest will fall inline. One really important lesson I have learned do I want to be in the web development business or the eCommerce business. I would prefer the eCommerce business.You should be focused on Marketing & sales not back links. That is just me I guess I think sometimes we loose perspective of what is really important. I want to have a successfully eCommerce store. Would I perfect 50 Sales a day or 50 back links well I will take the sales. The back links are not going to help me stay around in the next year but the sales will.

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