Flat rate shipping extra handling by US states?

  • Is this possible?

    I’d like to add a handling charge for states that postage is higher than my flat rate shipping charge.

    All states west of Missisippi add 4.00 to the flat rate shipping.

    I see the handling charge option under shipping/preferences and additional fees under products/shipping but it looks like it’s applies to all states.

    Maybe add the feature under localization/states/ add additional fee option?

    I’m trying to avoid using the uspscarrier module that didn’t seem to work.

  • That is not possible without a third party module.

  • Ack, okay 😞
    Started setting up Central, SCentral, Mtn, West, etc zones to figure it out but then came to a dead end.

  • Yeah, it does not allow state level shipping options like that currently. This module will allow you to do it though, http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-shipping-modules/83-prestashop-localized-shipping-module.html

  • Maybe for the future list? 🙂
    Not sure how others deal with cross country shipping.
    Thanks @lesley I was tempted to buy that module a while back except for the fact you CAN’T pay/print postage from it, only print then go to PO to pay.

    Etsy, eBay you can pay right within the stores.

    USPS picks up my packages I don’t want to deal with the Post Office counter just to pay when I can do that having my morning coffee from home or 11:30 at night!

    Also, will it grow with TB…long gone is the two lbs delivered in two days for $2.00 through USPS!!!
    It was easy to figure things back then!

    I use a lot of regional rate boxes but once they go halfway across country the price gets high so I don’t want to eat that or overcharge my region.
    Limit order size would work but who wants to do that 🙂

    Just really hesitant about buying themes and modules that won’t work down the line so looking for work arounds I can control for now. If I have to spend extra just to go live with no guarantee they will work next month or year why not just pay a monthly fee for a web based store. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Hate hitting walls, just want to get it live! 🙂

  • You can’t pay / print postage with it, because it is not hooked up to a carrier. You need a carrier specific module to pay / print postage.

    Version 1.0.x is going to be supported until 2019, so the module should work for a long time. Presto-Changeo is supporting their modules on our platform.

  • Well that’s good news! Presto Changeo has some nice modules.

    Also my mistake on the module you mentioned, thought you meant this USPS one that prints labels but not postage:

    Also found this one for shipping labels but it requires stamps.com for postage

    Still doesn’t sort my original question only Presto has that.

  • They do, they have also donated some nice coupons to our crowdfunding campaign for the elastic search module we are about to start.

  • @vzex You can do it using the core but it’s time consuming. In the shipping carriers there’s the shipping locations and costs. In there (if you’re working on flat rate) you can put in a different cost for each state so you could increase the charge for selected states by 4.00. It’s not great but it’s workable - I use 4 different price range breakpoints with different shipping prices and also have 12 different shipping prices around the United Kingdom to cater for the islands and Scottish Highlands.

    Given you’ve got 50 states you’d need to put in the shipping price for each of these. You can make your task easier by disabling the countries you don’t ship to so their states don’t appear in the list and make it more cluttered.

  • Thanks @DavidP which core file did you edit?

    I tried a work around found on stackoverflow
    I was on the right track adding zones just didn’t know where to go from there.
    For US I added five zones based off of regional rate pricing, still gets pricey going across country!

    This seems to work I used US zones/zone 1, zone 2 instead of NSW!
    Go to Localization->Zones
    Created new different Zones according to State. eg. Zone name = "NSW"
    Go to Localization->States
    Choose state and change it’s new zone. eg. “New South Wales” now changed into “NSW” zone.
    Go to Shipping->Carriers
    Click on “Edit” on shipping method.
    Click on "Shipping Locations and Costs"
    Now change shipping cost by each zone which has now related states.

    Until I’m ready to buy modules I think this will work for now.

  • @vzex You don’t need to edit any files, you can do it all from the backend, which is what I meant by core, no modules / code changes. Your method is what I did using the localisation states and the shipping carriers. I didn’t do zones but did do the states and assigned a price to each state in the shipping carriers.

  • Very good! Thanks for clarifying @DavidP
    @lesley Just saw the generous elastic search coupon from Presto Changeo, even after this work around it is very tempting!


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