Problem with Full Page cache, how does it really work?

  • Hey guys. So our site is finally online but we’ve been trying to enable the full page cache and still fiddle around with the site but we’ve come to a weird issue.

    Somehow nothing seems to invalidate our full page cache for a CMS page.

    The current settings are

    • Cache = on
    • File system is the system chosen
    • Full page 4 is On
    • CMS is selected in the list.

    What happens is, if we visit the page, the update we did in the tinymce in the back office is not reflected.

    I’ve tried with trying to access the page with a random query string and obviously, it works, it generated a cache for that specific query string. If we go back to the normal, every day cached page, obviously it’s still the old content.

    So I tried clearing the cache in the settings page, it somehow didn’t change a thing.

    I’m currently very confused as to how it’s actually working. Can someone enlighten me on how it’s supposed to work?

    Small update: Had the host install APC and now it works great. I checked and the permissions were not the issue. So if anyone has an idea on why this happened when using the file system, it might actually help someone else.


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