Feature request: built in forums module

  • I’m become jaded with building sites and spending untold hours designing a responsive templates and what not. Normally I’d be using Drupal and Ubercart or Drupal Commerce and the Drupal built in forums as you can do complex interaction with some basic coding and the views module but Now I want something all in ready to go and no efin around.

    So I was thinking that it would be nice for ThrityBees to have a basic forum module (not too basic and not too complex) and have the ability for customers to tag a product in a forum post and then show those posts on the product page.

    For example you can see some of this in action on Ncix.com at the bottom of the product page http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-rt-ac68u-ac1900-dual-band-turboqam-f5-90144.htm

    Now obviously this wont be usefully to many retail/business types but there are lots that this could be useful too to build up customer engagement in the shop and products and TB could be one of the only carts out there that has this feature.

    Add to this the blog module and you really start having an all in one shopping cart system.


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