Country Specific Issues (Greek)

  • Hi all,
    In Greece one off the requirements is to issue an invoice for companies and a reciept for regural customers. There are two totally different things regarding the IRS. So when a company does some shopping it needs to get an invoice from the seller and on the other hand if you are not a company then you get an reciept. Adding to this you (as a seller) should ask from companies the VAT Office the company belongs to plus the company’s activity.
    Over at prestashop merchands have found various ways to overcome this. mainly using the “gift button” translated as “ask for invoice” and asking the buyer to state the extra information (vat office and activity) in the comment section. On my shops I have added the extra fields to the database from a tutorial from nemo and also used the gift button to seperate the two papers. I have also hired a developer to modify my OPC to make it more to my likings (prestashop OPC suck bigtime)
    My question is is there any hope that this could be added to thirtybees somehow?
    Basicly what should be done is to add a reciept/invoice button and add the two strings to the database.

    Kind Regads

  • Why don’t you use the standard Prestashop thicknox “different address for the invoice” and translate it to “I want to receive invoice”. That way the job is half done because you will have the invoice address in the backend. The only thing to do is to find a way to register if the client has chosen the option to receive an invoice and to to view this choice in backend. All others should receive receipt of course.
    Another proposal is If you could find a way to register invoice address in the backend only if the thick box has been choosen, otherwise the fields for the invoice to be empty.
    Personally I think you shouldn’t have much expectations about receiving such feature in TB, but you never know …

  • @MockoB Fist of all this is not something I am asking. This is a general problem of PS (and TB since it is based on PS). Other carts like cs-cart let you customize the checkout fields anyway you like by adding or removing fields.
    So this is a missing feature mostly that impacts Greek merchants. This is not that big of a problem to implent. Adding two entries in the database and two fields in the BO is nothing special. Since TB is listeing to merchants it would be a real shame those two fields did not get added. The proccess I used from nemo is and as you can see it requires the addition for two entries in the database and the mofication of two files (and still use the gift button to tell the merchant that this an invoice).
    I myself have already solved this for myself and even when I switch to TB I could add them again. So this is basicly helping all Greek merchands that needs this.
    I could help with this if asked. But @mdekker and @lesley are those who deside what will happen.
    I am optimistic


  • Nick,

    This is something we have talked about and are planning on doing in the 1.1.x version. The reason we cannot do it sooner is that it is going to take modifying themes. Its really no problem for our default theme, but then it would break every other theme. So we have to set out a timeline to do it and let people know so they know what to expect.

  • It is not something I am asking also for the retina images, it is also bug of PS and TB because it just doesn’t work. But I didn’t get none attention so far neither on TB or PS forums. After all it is for the best of all …
    Sorry for the off topic. Wish you luck!

  • Can you open an issue on GH about the retina images? We can get that checked out and fixed,

  • Sure, I will!


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