Stock Management

  • Hi,

    so first of all I’m super excited about this project and really glad that someone finally did this.

    When I read the post on the nemops blog I saw that he mentioned the advanced stock management. We started to use it in PS 1-2 months ago and in my opinion it is really impracticable and lacks a lot of features that were actually requested 2-3 years ago! The main features that we were missing are the following:

    • a proper way of importing/merging your products to the advanced stock management system

    • the possibility of setting a threshold for every product, so that you can place a supply order easily

    So we actually developed two modules that are now functional, but you have to override the supply order controller for that and there is still a lot of room for improvement. I think that these features would be quite handy for a lot of people and they aren’t that hard to implement, especially because one can use already implemented methods to do that.

    I would be glad to help out if I can, but I haven’t found any information regarding the plans for the advanced stock management. I know that the developers are focusing on other aspects for now, and I think that they are right in doing so, but if there are already plans I would be thankful if someone could share them.

    I actually think that it would be worth it to redesign parts of the system, because some menus like the stock prediction are pretty useless.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • This is due to the fundamental flaw in PSs data model, where they for some weird reason opted to not use the database to maintain any integrity, but instead chose a hodgepodge of buggy PHP.
    There is a branch on github that is working on adding foreign key constraints, and once that is done, there will be plenty of opportunities to make things work as they should.

  • Very interested in ASM too as I´m being frustrated with this in prestashop since 2 years… Is ASM improvement in the ToDo list of thirty bees?


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