Modified checkout process - create account AFTER payment

  • Hi, I have seen this on a few stores (not sure what software they were using) and would like to duplicate it on my thirtybees store (converting from prestashop atm).

    In this process, when you are looking at the checkout and ready to buy you see:

    Checkout or Login

    The checkout process, which is for everyone who doesn’t already have an account, is pretty standard, address, email, phone, shipping etc. Then, once purchase is complete, there is the option to convert to an account / save details. At that stage you choose a password etc.

    I feel this is better than the current system which offers quick checkout (guest), create account or login, as the create account process takes the customer away from the 1-2-3 checkout work flow and takes time asking them for stuff, which makes abandonment more likely.

    Does anyone know how to do this in thirtybees? Is there a prestashop plugin? I have been looking for a few hours and found nothing so far.

  • Yes, there has been loads of studies that show the checkout process you suggest is the best.

    Sure would be great if the standard thirty bees checkout did it that way.

  • and what about automating this? I use a checkout in which i can enable the possibility to register a customer after placing an order completely automatic.
    i didnt enable it because in my opinion people have to do that themselves but it is possible to do it this way

  • Yeah, I considered that, but I am not sure how it would work really. The customer wouldn’t be able to set their own password and I don’t want to email one to them (which is less secure and works badly) so when they next come to the store they would be locked out and have to do a password reset. I feel like it’s a bit hacky and surley there must be a module someplace that does this. I found this three stage checkout one:–3-pc-three-pages-checkout.html which is a little better than the current one I guess.

  • This is interesting
    And this:

    The point they make is that all you need to do to change the process is

    1. Remove the “create an account box” and just show login or quick checkout
    2. Then make the “convert to account” process accessible by the user
    3. Fix the convert process so it doesn’t send a plain text password by email to the user

    It doesn’t actually sound to hard to do… right?

  • Would anyone like to participate in developing a refined checkout process? I’d need it to be compatible with the Advanced EU Compliance module.

    My idea would be:

    1. Ask for email address
      2a. If customer is registered, ask for password and prepopulate the shipping and billing address
      2b. If customer isn’t registered, ask for shipping and billing address
    2. Ask what shipping method
    3. Ask what payment method
    4. Confirm purchase
    5. If customer wasn’t registered, ask whether they’d like to create an account and let them set a password

  • @mdekker is working on the 30 bees checkout, I wonder if he would consider this

  • Hi, getting closer to finishing my store so decided to bump this. @mdekker - I hope you might read this thread. The basic premise is a bunch of people want a cart process which has

    • “guest” checkout OR log in
    • pay etc
    • option to create an account so card details are saved for next time > converts guest to account.

    We feel this is more efficient, will reduce abandoned carts, and is becoming more normalised

  • Does anybody want to contribute to the development of such a module? I think the checkout is super important. It’s something we’d all benefit from.

  • @30knees Sounds easier that it is. I think @mdekker had mention that the whole structure must change in the core for this to happen. But I agree that the checkout process is quite important and ps/tb are far far from perfect

  • @30knees I was worried it would be like this - though in some ways I am surprised because as @Baarssen mentioned, the underlying facility for converting a guest to a customer is already there. But I guess the complexity explains why no one has done it yet, I was very surprised there was no plugin for this somewhere.

    Anyway, I think this would be a very good project for thirty bees, it would put us ahead of prestashop in even more ways, and would be a big deal I think 🙂

  • Yeah it’s a very critical aspect. It’s actually the heart of every store. But I think it would be wrong to develop is as a module. Not sure, if Michael is working on it at the moment.

  • I had to buy onepagecheck module from the the ps shop in order to improve things. Although I don’t use it yet as I am trying to make transformer theme to work as I need. I have yet to find out what the impact (in conversion) it will have.

  • @wakabayashi Is it actually being worked on though? I know that the checkout process is being worked on in general, but no idea if that will include the “Log in or Check out: then option to convert to account after” process which I am so anxious for. Brilliant if it is though!

    @nickon Yeah, I looked at those and decided they aren’t much better. But I would be interested to hear how you get one when you make it live 🙂

  • @wakabayashi - if it IS being worked on, I would donate too!!

  • I don’t know what @mdekker worked on it the checkout process. In general there are a lot of plans for thirty bees. I am very happy to see, that we have a lot of merchants here, who are willing to invest something, to get a better software. It’s great that the elasticsearch module could be funded. I hope the development will be a success.

  • So, we just need to hear from @mdekker himself so we can find out the general plan for the checkout. Does anyone know him or have contact enough to obtain this?

  • I just talked a little to lesley. Michael has worked on the checkout process. Tried a lot of things, but it has to be postponed for the future. Surely we all know about the importance of the checkout, but there are some drawbacks, if it’s changed now. If the core code is changed, a lot of modules and themes would break. That would be horrible at this point. So the checkout has to be modified with help of modules. But this also not so easy as we all know from this ps “onepage modules”. They don’t really work stable.

    In Short: As far as I understand, the checkout will be reworked, when thirtybees breaks compability to ps 1.6. It would be too early, to do this now.

  • ok, thankyou for this summary, it is very helpful in allowing to plan for the future 🙂


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