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  • Hi, my current store is at, we are updating to thirtybees and making some changes to maximise sales at the same time. We have a staging site at:


    (remove stars, don’t want a live link to my staging server)

    So, it’s very early stages obviously, the designer is working on the appearance etc, no need to feedback about that.

    I am interested in your opinions of the sales processes and potential places to improve conversion, especially on mobile. Right now most things are either the same as they were before or as default in 30 bees. I am making a list of plugins and tweaks I want and I would love your thoughts and ideas on this. So: how do we make more money and convert more?

    Thanks guys!!



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    So far the site looks good to me. The only thing I would recommend is adding clear contact information to the site in the footer. A lot of people look for it there. Also, there are two contact links in the top header.

  • Yes, thanks, both good points.

  • I like the shop layout with the background trees and the cute basket in the header. However, the theme doesn’t seem to be responsive. I would think about a solution for mobile users. More and more users are ordering via mobile phone or tablets. Since you are from the UK I would recommend to check this site.
    I think there are some required information missing on your site.

  • Hi, I think you’re looking at the old store, the new store is in the disguised link below that.

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    Just realized I never got back to your that day :O
    How is your site doing nowadays? Did Lesley fix everything that was needed?

  • Hi,

    I like the navigation to the left.
    I do have some suggestions:

    • When i add a product to cart a very small popup will display with the text ‘quantity is updated’ . I would suggest to change the text in 'your product is added to cart.
    • In category view (dog/dog-food) i can’t add a product directly to cart (it looks like it is not available) .in productview i can add product to cart (so it is on stock)
    • there is an inconsistancy in the category view. Sometime the button ‘add to cart’ is displayed and sometime not (although the products are in stock
      Hope this helps

  • Think of things this way every page on your site should be able to answer all the questions a customer might have. This will help with your conversion. Life style photos are a plus as well. show the products being enjoyed. You have to convey that the person looking needs this product & it addresses a need and how your business solves that. One of the biggest questions are why should I buy this from you?

  • Just checked your site, and you need your developer to look in to the following thigs.

    1. Make sure EVERY item is loaded via HTTPS, currently you got some items that loads via HTTP this makes the browser show your site as insecure.

    2. You need to look in to the speed of the site, the site is very slow currently, and for me sitting in Denmark the load time is 5-8 sec, this will actually loose your customers to, according to GTMetrix with there London location used is 13 Sec loading time this should be a main focus to fix - You should read

    3. Leverage browser caching - needs to be sortet out to, right now you dont use the browser caching at all, and this is important since revisitors have to load the elements over and over again when they switch pages on your site, with Leverage browser caching turned on, they only have to load it once (unless they flush there browser cache) and this will give some improvements in load, not for first visitors tho.

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