Problem after copying translation to my theme

  • I copied the dutch translation from comunity theme to my own theme.

    After this i got something very strange:

    Al the backoffice menus wher changed to english in adminmodus, in my shop i cant see profiles anymore:

    Also my shop doesnt show the products anymore, so i think something happened that shouldnt be this way.

    How can i role back this?

  • In productcatalog i get this message:


    Root category must be an integer value
    at line 345 in file classes/helper/HelperTreeCategories.php

    1.  * @version 1.0.0 Initial version
    2.  */
    3. public function setRootCategory($value)
    4. {
    5.     if (!Validate::isInt($value)) {
    6.         throw new PrestaShopException('Root category must be an integer value');
    7.     }
    8.     $this->_root_category = $value;
    9.     return $this;

    HelperTreeCategoriesCore->setRootCategory - [line 3168 - controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php] - [1 Arguments]
    AdminProductsControllerCore->initContent - [line 366 - classes/controller/Controller.php]
    ControllerCore->run - [line 743 - classes/Dispatcher.php]
    DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 63 - admin/index.php]

  • I solved it for myself by reinstalling tb again, but i remember it went wrong sometime ago with another shop.

    It goes wrong when copying the dutch translation from comunity theme to another theme


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