Core Documentation Debate

  • Hello.

    One of the things that are a big barrier for those who want to start with Prestashop, is the lack of documentación about the Core.

    If you read the core classes you can’t find comments to explain the code. There isn’t any place in where you can go a read how Prestashop works internally. Even, If you want to buy a book in the market, there isn’t any available.

    There are several Open Source Projects such as Sylius that are completely opposite to this situation. They are gaining a lot of supporters and developers, and they put a lot of effort trying to offer the best experience for programmers with very good documentation.

    I think @mdekker and @lesley must consider seriously to document properly the core in order to allow new developers to help in the project and make this project solid for the future. I’m afraid that this project could reach a dead road if it continues being so difficult to know how the core works.

    To have a very well documented code is one of the biggest advantages that an Open Source Project can offer. And there are many projects that can be used as an example of this policy, Android is a good example of that. Since the beginning, Google offered very good information about how to programming anything in Android.

    Thank you very much, I would like to help programming in this project, but I’m starting with prestashop, and I really think is stupid to loose a lot of time studying the code because nobody has written a good documentation.

    Best regards!

  • Yes I agree, that documentation is a very important factor. I’m learning PHP since some weeks. When I wonder about something in Wordpress, I just google and find the answer for 95%. In Prestashop this is max 50% :D. Btw: There is a book from FabienSerny about 1.6 development.

    I don’t think we can expect a big documentation of ThirtyBees soon… @mdekker and @lesley have so much other things to do… Am I right?

  • I also agree that documentation is important (was looking for hours how to display variables) But I don’t know if it’s worth for 1.0.xx since 1.1.xx will be quite different.
    I would prefer we focus on other thing atm. Store beeing one of them

  • @TobyMudito One thing we are going to be adding to the core over time is self documentation. We have chosen to add it in a way that you can create a set of docs from the code itself. We are going to use this library,

  • The book from Fabien Serny only covers Modules development. It doesn’t cover the core development.

    I understand that @mdekker and @lesley have a lot of work to do. But, I think that if they want that Thirtybees will become in a very competitive project, they are going to need much more help and people able to develop new improvements and functionality.

    One of the biggest issues that Prestashop has always had is the lack of speed fixing bugs and problems. Due to the Prestashop team is small. I just want to put on the table, that with only a couple of fantastic developers is not enought to have a software that is able to fight against Magento, Sylius or even, Prestashop.

    I would like to help much more to this project, but the learning curve is insane compared with other projects.

  • @TobyMudito we are getting as much done as we can, there are only a few of us right now, so it is hard to keep up with all of the requests in things. We do want to make the docs a priority though, but we have to have a stable base to work off of first.

  • It is clear to me that if TB should live for a long time that it need to make money and hire some developers and/or other core members. This is going to take some time.
    @mdekker and @lesley should as ASAP outsource secondery things and help build teams. Translations teams, Bug Teams, Forum moderators, Document writers, etc so they can focus on more important things like making the core more stable and setting up the store

  • @lesley I’m not complaining about your work that I consider is fantastic. The effort that @mdekker and you are doing is brilliant.

    The thing is that I want to help! And I feel really frustrated reading the Prestashop core.

    As me, there must be many others willing to help that feel frustrated.

  • @TobyMudito to me one of the main things missin atm is a roadmap.One of the (million things) @lesley and @mdekker should do is this

  • @nickon We realize, we are still setting out our business plan. We are trying to get the community to help with as much as possible, that is how the merchant documents are getting written. The roadmap will be out this week actually. One thing we are wanting to do with the roadmap is to tie feature requests in with it. So people can see exactly when features are going to be added.

    @TobyMudito what are you good at, we can find a place for you to help.

  • @lesley thinking in your question, I have thought that can be a good idea if you create a list of the major necessities that you have. So, people that want to help can go there and see how to help 🙂 It would help to accomplish the goals better.

  • Not a bad idea, let me find the best format to create a list in.

  • @lesley mayb a good idea would be:
    Create a roadmap where in between features could be added. (From the feature list that is on the main page or by asking to submit a new)
    Next to the features add an “I would like to help” field where someone could contact you for that specific feature.
    Then assign that to the person/team and let them work on that
    The same could be done for documentation and other things

    Just my 2c

  • @nickon I’ll raise your 2c to a quarter and third the motion! 🙂

  • @nickon Big money! 🙂


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