Question about Advanced Stock Management System

  • Good day!
    I’m having some little issues with the Advanced Stock Management and most definitely would need some advice because I’m stuck. Probably I’m simply misunderstanding something. So back to my now usual worm example, for I’m selling those as well as worm compost.

    I have worms for bait and composting. I created two products, containing 1 worm each. Then I have packs, containing x times 1 worm (30 bait worms, 100 compost worms…) as a product.
    I added 10’000 bait and 10’00 compost in the ASMS but somehow when I set the product pack to uses ASMS, it doesn’t seem to use the stock I added but, instead, added more products that I need to restock in the ASMS because system says there’s no sock.

    What am I doing wrong and/or misunderstanding here?

    Thanks and greetings from Finland 😄

  • To be 100% honest there are some major bugs in the ASM system. It was something we inherited from PrestaShop. As you might know they could not fix them, so they ended up removing most of the functionality in 1.7. We however are going to start fixing the system next month and making it what it should have been all along. But now, it is the most buggy part of the software.

  • Yes, I read about it, but was not sure if the problem I’m having is related to that. I also saw that the ASM is being improved in TB, which is good news.
    So basically the advice is manual stock management… 😁

  • For the time being yes. That is the best choice. When we start working on ASM we are going to need a few people to have live shops using it so we can fix the bugs in production though, that is the best way to fix them with that system currently.

  • @lesley Ok, then I’ll do it that way. Let me know when you’re in need of someone testing ASM.

  • Sure thing, will do.

  • Hi, there is any advance with this issue?

    I’m really thinking to migrate to TB and this is the main reason. I have a lot of packs in my store, if you need acces just ask. Using PS

    Regards and thank you for the work.


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