Built-in theme vs PS1.6 themes

  • Hello everyone

    New to tb today. Looking at themes and I’ve noticed a few people say to customise the standard theme over using a PS1.6 theme as it will work better with new features.

    Is this an issue now, or something for the future?

    I can code. So presumably I could incorporate anything from the standard theme into a PS1.6 theme if needed?

    But I’m keen to know if this is a real current issue (and if so to what level)or a theoretical future issue.


  • You can go either route you want. The built in theme is fully HTML 5 compliant on a SEO level, while no other themes really are. That might be what people are referring to. If you do go with using the default theme, I have an article here on compiling the CSS from SCSS that might be helpful. https://thirtybees.com/developer-blog/editing-theme-css-linux/

  • Great, thanks Lesley. If it is mainly SEO then it’s not a major concern for me right now. We currently rank well anyway due to age and authority (I presume - who knows the full reasons…) and I can always add html5 tags like header, article, section etc when I create a child theme which is what I presume you are referring to?

    I’m also optimistic more theme/mod developers will start native support soon.

    Personally I’m very excited about this project and look forward to seeing it grow and maybe, if time permits, helping out in a small way.

  • I know of a couple native themes in development and others that are modifying their themes to support thirty bees too, so I think the theme market is going to be really nice soon.

  • Can’t decide to wait or purchase a theme. I miss that theme color changer from PS as a non coding type

    I’ve gotten used to the basic look but the top horizontal menu module for navigation is a total mess to look at for me.

    Categories are centered in blocks but the whole thing has now moved to two lines for 10 categories of boxes not even centered on the line 😞

    Might have to disable until I either get a theme or find where to edit it. Or at least just keep it on one line smaller and centered!

    Other than that I’m trying to hold out to see what becomes available but may go with Panda theme.

    @lesley I looked at your blog to learn how but you lost me at “fork the community theme to your GitHub account” 🙂


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