Bees blog module postponed till 1.0.1

  • For thirty bees we have designed a few new module API features which can make module development a lot easier. We wanted the blog module to be the first module to use this new system. Unfortunately this system wasn’t mature enough to be used by the module and therefore we have decided to postpone the blog until thirty bees 1.0.1. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Since we do not promise any dates, it is hard to say when the blog module will be released, but we are aiming for late March.

  • Better to wait a while longer than to get a half-baked potato.
    I hope this kind of thinking will not change in TB.

  • @mdekker

    I am very anxious to update TB, you have some more concrete precision, I am qrenedo migrate to my store even manually.
    Even I already have one working, I still have to clean demo data and add the products (I’m studying about SEO).

    I have some questions about the migration as well.
    First my domain is I can go migrating to and then rename the domain to (I have this facility to migrate with ISPCONFIG).

    I’ll also buy modules and theme in the prestashop store, can I buy without fear? The theme is urgent because my store is very ugly!


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