Search terms can't edit only delete

  • Search terms seems to be doing the same as custom CMS can’t edit only delete

    Adds third line instead of saving edited text to first

    0_1501596532188_Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.07.14 AM.png

    @yaniv14 same issue as custom CMS?

  • This is working differently.
    I think its not a bug the way it is right now, but I believe that the alias mechanism is not working properly.
    right now you can add an aliases separated with comma and it will save each alias with one result.
    but it actually saves the alias as types (xxx, yyy, zzz).
    now the search controller is looking to compare against one alias (word) at the time which make it not working the way it is.
    So we need to decide whats the best way to fix it.
    I think we should save only one object per search/result with multiple aliases and fix the search controller to loop over the aliase’s.

    @administrators what do you think?

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  • Thanks,
    This is my youngest kid.

  • @yaniv14 You’re welcome! My kid is in my pic. 🙂

  • After studying it more.
    I realized that each alias is being saved separately in the DB.
    just when editing an alias it shows all related aliases to the same search result.
    So I believe we should keep it the way it is.
    The only downside is that when you want to edit an alias you only able to add new ones, the system will not edit existing ones.
    I thought about changing it to show single alias when you edit and than have the option to edit a specific one, but if we are doing it that way,
    we wont be able to add multiple aliases while we edit.
    so right now i am a bit confused of whats the best way to handle it.

  • Not sure I understand completely, so the default install alias leaves the sample search terms coffee cofee in the database even if all the default info is removed?

    Or only if new search terms are added by the current install if default info is removed completely from BO cleaner?

    If the terms stay no matter what I’d like to see a way for non mysql savvy folks be able to have it removed automagically through edit. Or at least pointed in the right direction on how to do it properly themselves. ex will search cofee then drop from database all it needs?

    Probably not a big deal since there are only a few alias search words but it’s like taking out the trash, get it gone if not wanted. But whatever makes things work the best! Especially if more important things need to be done.

    SAME with the module installs, I wish they removed whatever badly written module bits left behind even after being uninstalled/deleted.

  • You can delete all the alias to completely remove it.
    Let me explain better.
    If you create new alias like that:

    aliases: dhirtybees, tirtybees, thirtibees
    result: thirtybees

    in the database you will have 3 separate rows.

    1. dhirtybees -> thirtybees
    2. tirtybees-> thirtybees
    3. thirtibees-> thirtybees

    when you go into edit mode (doesn’t matter on which one of them), you will see all 3 aliases separated with commas like you enter them before (this is not the actual record from the db but a combination of all matching aliases result).
    in this part you wont be able to update one of the values, because no matter what you enter in the alias field, when saving it to the db it will break each alias and save it separately (it wont create duplicate record).


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