Website still slow after migration

  • My website is still as slow as it was before the migration from prestashop.

    I have another website with a clean install of thirty bees which is incredibly fast so I assume it is the result of all the extra modules I purchased when using prestashop?

    What is the best thing to do? Disable all the extra modules and enable them one by one to see which ones are slowing it down?

    I have redis and full page cache enabled in my settings. Is there anything else I should be doing to get the speed as fast as a clean install?

    I almost wish I could just install thirty bees and transfer just my database so I don’t migrate over all the crap from Prestashop, but of course that’s not possible 😞

  • The modules could be a cause. In the performance page you can disable both external modules and overrides and test to see if it is any faster.

  • You could try to activate the “profiling” setting. It will give you a lot of information, what makes your site slow. Is it the same for front and backoffice?

  • I have disabled external modules and overrides and now just the logo appears on my website and nothing else.

    How can that be? Shouldn’t the theme revert back to it’s default layout once all the other modules are disabled?

  • Could you post the url of your website? We might me able to help you to find the problem 🙂

  • its maintenance we cant see anything 😉

  • @Tomik no it’s not, that is the whole problem…it is just showing the logo. If I switch maintenance on the logo moves to the middle and a message comes up saying we’ll be right back.

    I had to install the theme manually when I migrated as there were problems with it, so maybe there is still a glitch with the theme files somewhere?

  • Disable all the extra modules and enable them one by one to see which ones are slowing it down?

    That’s indeed a good debugging strategy.

  • @spidawebs That is what I am seeing (logo in middle with a maintenance message).

  • @jnsgioia How bizarre. I’m seeing that too now. Before I was just seeing the logo. Yet my shop is set to available in the settings.

    See the screenshot here:

  • I don’t know if this would make a difference, but have you gone to advanced preferences-performance and hit the clear cache button on the top right?

  • Yes I tried that and have just tried it again but it doesn’t work. Have also disabled and enabled the shop again.

  • Ok, so you disabled all the modules, right? Did you ever re-nable them?

  • @lesley Yes, when I enable them the website works again but it looks the same as my prestashop site and is very slow. I want to start again with the community theme without all the modules which must be slowing it down

  • Ahh. Ok, what I would do is switch back to your normal theme, reinstall it. Then switch back to the community theme and reinstall it. That way it will enable all the modules it uses.

  • @lesley That still doesn’t work. Even when I switch back to the old theme it now doesn’t work, yet it did before. Whenever I try to switch themes, I get the following error popup in a red box:

    Notice on line 31 in file /home/cricket/domains/
    [8] Use of undefined constant PS_PEAR_XML_PARSER_PATH - assumed ‘PS_PEAR_XML_PARSER_PATH

    Warning on line 31 in file /home/cricket/domains/
    [2] include_once(_PS_PEAR_XML_PARSER_PATH_Parser.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

    Warning on line 31 in file /home/cricket/domains/
    [2] include_once(): Failed opening ‘_PS_PEAR_XML_PARSER_PATH_Parser.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’/home/cricket/domains/’)

    Is this the cause of the problem?

  • It should not be. Are you wanting the default theme set up on the site? I can do that for you if you want. And figure out what the issue is.

  • Yes, I want to use the community theme as it is much quicker than my default bootstrap theme from prestashop. I’ll pm you the details

  • BlockRSS isn’t one of the modules installed by default. It doesn’t even come with the distribution.

    Still it should work if it’s available on the module server, of course.

    P.S.: some code of uninstalled modules is still executed as long as they’re available on disk. Despite their “uninstalled” status, that’s how the module mechanism works.

    To entirely remove them, use the ‘delete’ menu entry. After that the menu should show just ‘mark as favorite’.


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