beesblog module cannot be installed

  • tried several times but installation failes with an message that the module cannot be installed correctly. I am getting an error message in the modules page that the class blogrecentposts is missing in beesblog.php. Could this be the reason that installation fails? Tried with thirtybees 1.0.1 too, same error.
    beesblogrecentposts (Klasse fehlt in /modules/beesblog/beesblog.php)

    Since the blog module doesn’t seem to be active in the demo install I am wondering if somebody could sucessfully install the blog module?

  • I tried to installed smartblog and got the same error that the blog module could not be installed properly. When I enabled debug mode the smartblog module gave me an error message
    "All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; if you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead" (this depends on the MySQL version I think)
    Then I changed the sql script to NOT NULL and could sucessfully install the smartblog module.

    I couldn’t find a sql script in the beesblog module. Could this be the same problem here? My MySQL Version is 5.7.19

  • […] gave me an error message "All parts of a PRIMARY KEY […]

    Excellent idea to describe these errors. Could you also make a screenshot? Such messages usually come with additional bits around them. You can upload images right here in the forum, using the non-quick Reply.

    Apparently there’s a reason why this module isn’t installed by default 😕

  • Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately installing the beesblog module doesn’t give me a detailed error message but only
    alt text
    Even in debug mode I couldn’t get more information

    I got the same message when installing smartblog. But here debug mode gave me more detailed infos:
    alt text

    I googled it and found out that the error “All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL” seems to be related to the MySQL version.
    I looked for the smartblog install script and changed the instances of DEFAULT NULL to NOT NULL and could install smartblog successfully.

    Now I thought this could be the problem with beesblog too but I couldn’t find the install script.

  • There’s no reason to believe that these two errors are related to each other. smartblog messes up a DB query somehow, the beesblog problem is likely something entirely different.

    In the first post here you wrote about a missing class. Can you reproduce this?

    And it’s always a good idea to clear the autoloader cache by removing file cache/class_index.php. It’ll be recreated automatically.

  • @Traumflug said in beesblog module cannot be installed:

    In the first post here you wrote about a missing class. Can you reproduce this?

    Sure, this is what I did:
    I tried to install beesblog module and get this error message
    alt text

    Then in clicked on install again in the hope I would succeed if I try again.
    Now I am getting the error message “This module is already installed: beesblog” (but actually it is not installed)
    alt text

    When I then visit the modules page again the error message about the missing recentpostclass appears
    alt text

    The beesblogmodule shows in the modules list as not installed.

  • Thanks, that’s helpful. Unfortunately I can’t kneel into this right now, I have kind of a masterpiece to do first.

  • Can you pm me BO access and cpanel access to your site. I cannot reproduce this bug on our test environment.

  • @lesley Did you find a solution?
    I am unable to install bees blog since day 1.
    For some reason its not getting pass the createDatabase() part.
    I’ve tried installing the module on windows and linux and also tried from the feed and from zip.
    All with same results.

  • I did not, I am getting real hit or miss scenarios with the module. It seems every conflict I looked at had another blog module installed.

  • But I am not talking about conflict with other modules.
    I have installed so far 10+ TB fresh installation from v1.0.0 to v1.0.3 and also I have my own TB fork.
    And I was unable to install the bees blog in any step of the way.
    Most of my tries were on windows env but I also have 2 production sites (1 migrated and 1 fresh) we no luck.

  • @yaniv14

    And I was unable to install the bees blog

    That’s pretty vague. I see you committing code from time to time (thank you very much!), so I’m pretty sure you could do a first few steps into debugging this issue. For example, like equipping those failures you experience with proper error messages. And then creating a reproducible test case? That’d be nice and helpful.

  • I too tried with a fresh thirtybees installation - no other blog module involved - and received the same errors as described above: The following module(s) could not be installed properly: beesblog
    Even if I enable debug mode I do not receive any more detailed error message.

    beesblog remains in an half-installed status. It is not installed but if I try to install it again I am getting the error message that the module is already installed but it won’t show up in admin menu.

  • Just found the bug that caused that issue.
    I’ve just committed a fix for that, you can get it by replacing the content of the file: classes/ObjectModel.php with this:

  • @yaniv14 nice! Don’t you wanna make a pull request for it?

  • I did.
    The problem is not related to the module it self.
    It was related to the creaeteDatabase function when you define multilang.

  • @yaniv14 oh cool. I just saw it. That’s really advanced stuff! Didn’t even know that there is such a method ^^

  • @yaniv14 I tried replacing the contents of said file with what was in your link. Unfortunately for me the problem persists.

    I still get: “This module is already installed: beesblog”

    And afterward when either going to the modules part of the back office or when trying to use the search field in the top left of the back office, I get the beesblogrecentposts error message others have mentioned. The only way to get that error message to go away and get back office functioning again is to go in coreFTP and remove the “beesblog” folder from modules.

    Is this fix you posted only meant for certain versions of TB or certain languages? I’m close to just giving up and buying a blog module (which probably won’t work either, since smartblog didn’t…)

  • My fix should work for you.
    I didn’t check it on any other version beside 1.0.4, but this is something general that should work on any version.

  • I have the same problem.

    beesblog isn’t installed. When i install it i get: “This module is already installed: beesblog”. Afterwards the message about missing class in blogrecentposts is shown. I also replace of my file ObjectModel.php with whta was in your link.

    Any ideas how to fix it?


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