Making the forums and Thirty Bees blog more user friendly

  • Hi,

    I wanted to raise a couple of issues that bug me with the forums and blog that actually detract people from interacting more.

    Firstly, to change your profile image you’ve got to create a new wordpress account then post the image through, it’s actually quite a pain. It’d be much easier to just actually upload an image.

    Secondly, on the feature request side posting a comment to a feature (it’s also the same for posting a comment on the blogs) you’ve got to login with either Thirty Bees or disqus but even when you click to login it doesn’t actually login. I’ve tried logging in with my Thirty Bees account and nothing happens. I think I did create a disqus account at one point as that autofills but it still didn’t work. Basically you feel ‘this isn’t worth the effort to post a response’.

    I know there’s a million other things that are more important but it would be nice if when you logged into Thirty Bees you could actually do your updates and posting from within Thirty Bees as that sort of thing is a barrier to interaction with new users.

    Sorry for the rant but I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets irritated by this 🙂

  • I agree. Another thing, you can’t search for feature requests. And another thing, once you’re in the forums, you can’t get back to the Thirtybees homepage or any other part of the site (i.e. feature requests, blog, etc) without fixing the URL yourself.

    I also had an issue logging in to write a comment yesterday on one of the blogs. I was finally able to log in using my Facebook account which is linked to my DIsqus account.


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