PayPal: Sandbox always US? tb logo on checkout page?

  • Hi all,

    Two questions:

    1. Is the PayPal Sandbox always US? I’m testing the module and the PayPal checkout page (where you log in to PayPal) is always US based, regardless of the billing address entered during the checkout. The PayPal checkout page should recognize the billing address and tailor the page accordingly. So if it’s a German address, the PayPal checkout page should be in German.

    2. The PayPal checkout page has a thirty bees artisanal coffee and tea logo behind the PayPal iframe. Where can I change the logo?

  • I’ve submitted a PR for the logo issue few days ago and asked Michael to check the locale issue, because I couldn’t find an elegant way to modify this change.

  • Cool!

    I’ll mark as solved (and need to post for that - I can’t select dekker’s post)


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