change Domain - how to with TB ?

  • Hi @ all.

    I hope someone can help me.
    Since I now failed in the 4th attempt to change from PS to TB with 1 shop (3 ready), I planned a new installation under another domain on the same server and then try to get all product data, customer data etc into the new TB installation.

    On what I have to look after everything, if I want to replace the new domain with the original domain name. Eg with the files and database.

    Thanks in advance

  • @mdekker
    The migration has always been carried out as a whole. Also deinstall modules before it did not help. Always problems no invoices, no Modulliste, no possibilities the settings of the shop to change etc.

    Database and PHP are sufficient and fulfill the minimum requirements, since under the same conditions another TB shop runs.

  • @mdekker yes - i send you pm

  • @mdekker
    many thanks - great job, great support


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