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Google Ads showing Destination not accesible when it is


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Hello guys,

During the first days of May, we started receiving a lot of emails from Google Ads informing us that the ads were being rejected for policy violations, marking them as "Destination not accessible". We haven't made any changes to the website or Adwords; these notices started arriving suddenly and without any prior changes.

We wrote to Google Ads technical support to see what we could do, and they only informed us of the following: "I would like to inform you that the ads that were previously labeled as 'Destination not accessible' have been reviewed and approved. The ads either violated the policies or were incorrectly reviewed at the time of the initial review."

Some of the ads have been partially approved, but the vast majority, more than 80% of ads and campaigns, still show "destination not accessible". Some of the approved ones point to the same URL as those that are not approved.

The next email from technical support refers to the robots.txt blocking the destination page, but according to the programmer, this is not the case and it doesn't present any errors. Additionally, the robots.txt hasn't been changed in years.

The URL of the homepage is https://xn--desguaceslacabaa-lub.com/ and the destination page to which the ads point is https://xn--desguaceslacabaa-lub.com/baja-vehiculos.

We have checked the HTTPS status, showing 200/ok.
We have verified that the destination URL https://xn--desguaceslacabaa-lub.com/baja-vehiculos is accessible from Europe and even the USA using Geopeeker and GTmetrix.
e have checked in Search Console that the URL is visible and crawlable for Google.
We have checked our https://xn--desguaceslacabaa-lub.com/robots.txt and it seems OK.

We don't know what to do, as technical support has not responded to our emails for weeks, even after opening multiple tickets.

Any ideas where to look at? 

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