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    Can you add a Noindex / index and no-follow / follow button in seo product page, category, CMS page and thirtybees blog. Because it is very important for a good SEO Google …


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  • administrators

    I think so. Could you be more specific please?

  • I think that you can only control it at CMS page right now.
    header.tpl got: <meta name=“robots” content="{if isset($nobots)}no{/if}index,{if isset($nofollow) && $nofollow}no{/if}follow"/>
    And if remember correctly, I only saw CmsController having $nobots/$nofollow.

  • Noindex (follow / nofollow) is for not having duplicate content : Is it possible to add the function in hard /core: Noindex / index as for the cms pages, the product page and categories and add the nofollow / follow in product page, category and CMS in the next update.Thirtybees, be the answer as CMS seo superior to prestashop and this will encourage the migration PrestaShop to thirtybees. (Sorry for my english ;) )

    Example with images edit :



    0_1502165141291_seo-product-A (1).jpg

    0_1502165607918_seo-categorie-B (1).jpg

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