Compatibility with Pretty URL module

  • Hi

    I use a module called Pretty URL from BVK Software, I think it is quite common.

    Did anyone run any tests to confirm that the rewriting in ThirtyBees produces the same results? Otherwise I think Google would freak out completely 🙂

    I have not tried to run a test installation myself yet but I did notice that the SEO settings for products in my Prestashop installation said:

    while in TB it says:

    I assume {categories} could be removed but then {rewrite}-{id} is in the reversed order and you also have .html at the end but for the products in the front office demo, .html is not part of the url (the way I want to have it as well).

    I think it is great that the url rewriting is finally integrated but since not breaking the existing link structure is mandatory it would be very interesting to know that the url schema can be flexibly configured so when migrating my links will remain the same.

  • you can still change the order and remove html

  • I use a module called Pretty URL

    That’s obsolete in thirty bees. URLs without ID work just fine without that module.


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