how to define domain name in configration page?

  • hello
    t question only for a small clarification
    i jest check public_html/config/ thire not define domain name

    see this it is other script (no 30 bees no pristashop)
    define(‘SERVER_NAME’, ‘’);
    see my setting inc php
    define(‘DB_SERVER’, ‘localhost’);
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘xxxxxx_debe498’);
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘xxxxx_debe498’);
    define(‘DB_PASSWD’, ‘4H)xxx95(g’);
    define(‘DB_PREFIX’, ‘abgq_’);
    define(‘MYSQL_ENGINE’, ‘InnoDB’);
    define(‘PS_CACHING_SYSTEM’, ‘CacheMemcache’);
    define(‘PS_CACHE_ENABLED’, ‘0’);
    define(‘COOKIE_KEY’, ‘2nnzhqysktvi4ryyykorjtdxqro1lhz83iqaraswderutbzwiwp2wyrq’);
    define(‘COOKIE_IV’, ‘difaz5c4’);
    define(‘PS_CREATION_DATE’, ‘2017-06-10’);
    define(‘PS_VERSION’, ‘’);
    define(‘TB_VERSION’, ‘1.0.2’);
    define(‘RIJNDAEL_KEY’, ‘cyS9VXQszTqjasderBb4SpysjNkrDkyx’);
    define(‘RIJNDAEL_IV’, ‘8yXD2wserftHI4tt9s63xw==’);
    define(‘PHP_ENCRYPTION_KEY’, ‘def00000af02ba2a8fcf0505704sdrftgyhuji8e45fc24c2aa6ed8a862edea3e22fbf746a9a0dbe6ffcf0ed23811263a002af832jhygtfrd538b20’);

  • Currently that’s not possible. One has to set this in Backoffice or in the database directly (table ‘tb_configuration’ for monoshops, table ‘tb_shop_url’ for multishops).

    That said, there was such a feature for a couple of days already. One of the ~20 commits introducing this change:

    It was reverted and then postponed for thirty bees 1.1.x, because it changes storage, and by doing so, breaks compatibility with PS 1.6.1. At least potentially. This task was not yet picked up again, there’s so much other work to do. For example, getting the updater module into dealing with database changes introduced by such storage changes.

  • my setting inc php good or not please say


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