Visual composer lazy load. Is it possible?

  • Hi,
    Does anyone knows if it is possible to make Visual composer and its addon (ultimate ) lazy load?
    I was reading blog post about lighthouse and my web has a poor performace thanks to VC not being lazy load. My home has to be big because it is a product concept explanation (not an ecommerce yet) so most of main content is all in home .


  • I am not sure. Have you reached out to the developer, he is a member of the forum. @smartdatasoft

  • Hi @lesley I have not because I do not have a good relation with him (he is not professional, he doesn’t provide real support even after if I have a paid for it. Neither he corrects his own bugs as you can see in this topic:
    It is because of that that I asked here in the forum. If someone could implement it I could pay custom development if it is not too much work

  • Ahh, I did not realize. I thought it was part of the plugin you were asking about since I have never used it before. You might try something in the job offers section, I know there are a couple of developers in the community always looking for work.

  • perfect, could you please move this to job offer section? I suppose I can not by myself 🙂

  • Sure thing, it is moved.

  • @ rubben1985 - Visual Composer has been in our toolbox for a while. We have had several difficulties with Visual Composer under different circumstances, but those are more than perfectly handled by SD. In Most cases the problem did not lie with Visual Composer, but we even got very fast support there, without murmur. So from our experience the support of Smart Datasoft is by far much better than we’ve seen at many other software vendors. We are still happy to use Visual Composer, every day!

    Talked about lazy load. If you fill a page with too much data and too much functionality, you can’t expect the page to load quickly. Is allways a trade off.

  • Hi @Euria , welcome to the forum.
    My web has not a lot of functionality, but home is “one page web style” (the main content is in home). Of course, more content require more load time, but this can be solved using lazy load. My theme, (panda) for example has this feature in most of modules, it is not something new or extraordinary.
    I am not saying this is a bug or similar, it is just not included (in my opinion a content module should use it almos as mandatory feature, but this is personal opinion).
    About Smartdatasoft technical support, you have been extraordinary lucky, really lucky, because they are by far the worst I ever known (and I have invested more than 3000€ just in modules). And I am not the only one who think they have no word.

    You can see this topic:

    I posted there some of the bugs I found. None is solved as you can see. That is the best proof of how they work.

  • Hi @rubben 1985,
    Thanks for your welcome.
    I agree with you that lazy load should be present by default in all major themes. Nevertheless, with a little attention, to date no major problems with the loading time of the pages created with Visual Composer. But, loding times can allways be better.
    I read the topic and must say that I’m lucky indeed. I hope and expect it stays that way.


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