Edit attribute spelling?

  • Is this even possible after I mistyped a word?

    Searched database and translations found nothing.

    Couldn’t find an attributes edit button for the word itself.

    Hate to think I have to delete 20+ attributes and redo them to keep them all alphabetical just to change a couple letters 😞

    I see there are a bunch of paid modules but this should be included for spelling errors?

  • If you mean product attribute, than of course you can edit them and also re position them.

  • I would think so too but I was unable to!

    Ack! It’s all there plain as day now!
    Swear it wasn’t before 🙂

    Was actually trying to edit attributes under the product rather than the attribute itself!

    Where’s the “hand to head” giphy? Ahh


    Think I need a time out 🙂


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