After migration the theme no longer working.

  • After migrate from prestashop to Thirtybees 1.0.1 the theme is no longer working ( default bootstrap theme with css modified). There is no category, no products displayed, just the logo. If I try to install community-theme-default, I get "Bad configuration file ".

  • [solved] issues solved, the Disable non thirty bees modules and Disable all overrides were enabled.

  • Thanks for posting the update!

  • I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the mdstripe module that Michael once made for Prestashop. Once I renamed that directory (under Modules) things suddenly started working.

  • I love that solutions are posted on TB forum!

    So many times you search a forum and the original poster never provides the solution they find!

    Thanks to those who offer solutions!

  • @musicmaster It has

    if (defined('_TB_VERSION_')) {

    in the code, doesn’t it? I guess I must have thought at some point that it would be a good idea to disable the module on tb, not realizing that there are folks migrating with that module still enabled. We probably have to add a special check for this mod in the migrator now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Traumflug Thanks!
    Looks like I have a lot of upvoting to get to! 😉

  • The error code is:
    [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :C:\xampp\htdocs_prestools\modules\mdstripe\mdstripe.php:
    Undefined class constant ‘CACHE_FILE_TRUSTED_MODULES_LIST’

    This constant is defined in Modules.php and you use it for code to put the module on the trusted file list. It is indeed not defined in TB. It is in two files of the module.


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