Stripe Module

  • Wow, pretty impressed with the TB stripe module!

    Nice that it just worked at checkout after setting up stripe account which was pretty quick also.


    Checkout not sure to enable stripe checkout

    When I enable stripe checkout in the module there is a credit card box at checkout plus a box pops up for credit card info if I click on pay with stripe. Why two places to enter credit card info? If I disable stripe checkout there is only the TB section to enter payment.


    On the stripe pop up where does the email info come from TB BO or stripe? I changed my email with stripe but it did not change on the pop up.

    The circle on top, is there a place to add an image?
    Answer found: image can be added on stripe account under receipts

    Pop up after clicking on stripe


    Apple pay
    Do I need an apple developer account? The documents look like they are for developers not end user installing a module.

    Apple pay in stripe generates a file to add to domain.

    Does the module add the file? Just checking the box to enable in the module there is no place to add this info.

    Do I need a bitcoin key account or does stripe convert the bitcoin then deposit the funds to my bank as regular money?


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